Brooke Baldwin and Kenn Blanchard

Episode 340 Black Man With A Gun Show

Unplug & Hug This week I want to share with you my thoughts on the Washington Navy Yard Shooting, and the media attention I received.  I was a guest on CNN with Brooke Baldwin and Jay Tappers coverage of the shooting.  I had a good visit with the NRA last week.  I also want to…

infringed the movie

Infringed: The Movie Coming Soon

Infringed, the Movie is a pro- Second Amendment theatrical documentary about the Second Amendment produced by professional filmmakers and gun owners from Connecticut. They have decided to produce this after Connecticut used Sandy Hook as an excuse to put the Second Amendment into a shredder. This is no direct-to-video cheapie– they each have over twenty…


Black and American History: Podcast 308

The Urban Shooter Podcast Just under an hour show features interviews with Crusader Weaponry, Barbara Baird, Nikki Turpeaux, news, candid conversations, African American and personal history related to gun control, music from KC and the Sunshine Band, Bobby Caldwell, shout outs to frends and family,,, kickstarter project and Bishop EW Jackson’s campaign for…