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Freedoms Eve [Podcast 503]

History, the origin of Watch night Service (new years eve) , Reconstruction, the Old West, Black Cowboys, and a review of the Taylor’s & Co, 1873 Cattlemen revolver.  Shooting drills with Michael J. Woodland.  Happy New Year.
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Hava Nagila [Podcast Episode 500]

This week I rejoice in the getting to 500 podcast episodes and a new direction for Black Man With A Gun. This episode is a celebration of meeting you, and 9 years of podcasting. “Hava Nagila” (Hebrew: הבה נגילה‎, Havah Nagilah, “Let us rejoice”) Cameos from Mark Walters...
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Lessons I learned from the Millennial Generation [Podcast 491]

In this episode of the Black Man With A Gun Show, I will share some lessons I learned from the Millennial Generation. I give the mic to my friends first with Ray Price from High Capacity Magazine and he interviews the owners of ammosquared.com Michael J. Woodland from M-WTactical.com talks about competition shooting in his tips segment I talk a little about GRPC 2016 (gun rights policy conference) and I am going to explain how things go viral so you can get your stuff shared.
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