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Podcast 463 – Is Concealed Carry Enough?

Posing a few questions to you this week about concealed carry.  Is being able to carry a concealed firearm for self defense enough? I want to share a little American history and talk about open carry in 1967 as it applied to the Black Panther Panther for Self Defense and something called the Mulford Act. […]

US Constitution, Common Sense and Concealed Carry – Podcast 456

This is the first episode of 2016 (I took a break and contemplated life) and I’ll take you back and show you how I got started on this journey as the Black Man With A Gun. I share a little about the US Constitution and gun rights.  It is important even though it can be a boring subject […]

When Good Men Do Nothing

Podcast Episode 432:   We live in a time when some folks think everything you can do legally is right is good and it is not. There is right and wrong still. We live in a time when killing people is entertainment you buy for your video consoles. We play at it virtually through playstation […]

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