336- Don’t Chase Your Dreams, Catch Them


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This week I present a new film making project, a Marine that wants to be the 62nd governor of the state of Maryland and a guy I met years ago that used to fix personal computers that is now opening a classy cigar lounge.

  1. This week, commentary on the Power of Faith, as it relates to the active gunman incident in Decatur, GA.
  2. Interview with producers of Infringed: the movie.  Interview with gubernatorial hopeful and new friend, Charles Lollar
  3. Movie review: Lee Daniels, The Butler
  4. New cigar lounge opens in Gambrills, MD.


Live your Dreams

We want to teach our children to be honest, good and contributing members of society don’t we? But as soon as they get old enough to make critical decision we lie to them about what to do with their future.

Each of us in born with a unique gift to give something to the world. We rarely nurture that. Instead we promulgate the lie that all they should do is get a GOOD JOB or something that makes GOOD MONEY. Its like giving someone an aspirin for every ailment.

That’s what my father told me. A good job was defined as whatever got me out of his house and on my own. I took the gist of his message and left home at 17.

Now as a father that have actively participated in my childs’ life, from the cradle to college I have a choice. What did I tell my son yesterday?

I had to fight the impulse to repeat the crime. I said, “do what you love. Get a job to sustain you. Pay your bills but don’t let that job define you. Don’t get sucked into working at a job you hate to go to, be at, with people you don’t like, can’t stand just to make good money.

I was explaining this to my mother and she agreed. Now that she is retired and living on her own, she regrets a lot of the things she has never seen or tried for herself.

We live in a great age where you can make money in a niche serving other unique people.

You can’t be all things to all people and shouldn’t be. Be true to yourself. Don’t settle. Its not too late to try again. Don’t be satisfied with just existing. Strive! Challenge yourself. Grow, be consistently learning. You don’t even know all that you are capable of being. Don’t be afraid to fail.

A good job is your job. Where you are the boss. Good money is money you have earned through your creativity. I love the stories of entrepreneurism in the gun community.

Some make guns, ammo, holsters, and some hunt, support and offer services.

I love sharing these stories, tragedies and triumphs. I like encouraging you to live your dreams. It doesn’t make money right now but I am hoping it will.

I love the people in this community. I love you for listening to me. I am asking you to keep going. I don’t care what you do whether its trainig people, making bracelets, posters, websites, or whatever. Go for it.
By being in this space, I now know hunters, tour guides, teachers, preppers, lawyers, doctors, scientist, competitors, clerks, retirees, and everything in between. You know me because of what I do here. It’s a beautiful thing. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

That is what I told my son. If you get stuck, move. Advance. It doesn’t have to be big steps everyday.

Pick your verb; go, do, create, make, learn, teach, run, walk, gun, or help.

Then you’ll be doing what I am proud of. Don’t chase your dreams, catch them. Then you’ll be happier. Then you’ll be successful. And tomorrow when I forget this remind me because I am trying my best too.

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t. -Jerry Rice


Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
Harriet Tubman


I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.
  Patrick Henry


Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Gun Control Is Not New


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The Urban Shooter Podcast #310


Happy Friday.  On this episode I actually released a second version today.  Bones sings a Sam Cooke classic that is a theme of the show, and our country.  I have a lengthy interview with Raquel Okyay writer from HumanEvents.com.  Barbara Baird shares her thoughts on Crazy Uncle Joe. I salute the men and women my http://facebook.com/blackmanwithagun1  family felt has done something for us fighting for our rights this week.  Some of them have been us.  I give a quick thumbs up to a movie I saw called Snitch .  There is a joke and a Aesops fable in there somewhere.  I also mention the Tenth Cavarly Gun Club, a predominately African American gun club I started.  I gave the history of it, my failings and how the new group is doing great.  http://MDTCGC.org.   I make a plea for my American Gun Owner web series for financial support.  http://Kennblanchard.com/kickstarter and ask all writers interested in becoming members of the community gun blog to send me their articles and questions.




 It’s been an interesting month.  I have been hustling and doing all the pro-gun activism I can since we are under attack.  The month of February has been the most I have appeared anywhere.


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The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.  Ecclesiastes 1:9



All Illinois gun owners are invited to join in Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (IGOLD) Wednesday, March 6, 2013 in Springfield.  This is an annual event where everyone goes to lobby` their representatives in the Illinois House and Senate. The ISRA is partnering with local and internet organizations in Illinois to increase attendance and make a bigger & better impression in Springfield.  The other participating organizations are IllinoisCarry.com, Guns Save Life,  Sangamon County Rifle Association, and the McHenry County Right To Carry Association. Get your local organization involved as well!


We will meet at the Prairie Capital Convention Center – Doors open at 10:00 with the program set to begin at 11:45 am. We will have a legislative briefing, then we will all march to the Capitol Building to locate and talk with our representatives.


Please join us for Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day, you won’t regret going.






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Voodoo Chile by Bones Hooks.



Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Show #306 Gun Control Extremist

baby chick

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I was inspired by my friend Sarah’s post on GunRightsMagazine.com to use the “Funky Cold Medina”  in the intro.  This week we are talking about Maryland, Chicken Little, the Kel-Tec PMR 30, and being falsely accused.  I have an interview with a VP from GLOCK and more.


Gun Control Extremist

ex·trem·ist  -noun -. a person who goes to extremes, especially in political matters

 The Chicken Little Thing.  

Gun of the Week- NovaArmament.com  Kel-Tec PMR 30

Glock interview



Nova Armament.com

Maryland Shall Issue.org  (Annapolis, MD stop the Extremist, 2/6/2013)

MAG-40 OC Poster v7-1

Funky Cold Medina – Bones Hooks

Fight the Power- Bones Hooks






Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.