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Return of the Urban Shooter [ episode 520]

I’ve been waiting for something I have always had. I started a movement. I inspired people to do the right thing. There are brothers and sisters from all over the world fighting for their right to keep and bear arms. I helped with that. I was looking for...
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Gun Laws in Indiana

Indiana is very friendly towards gun owners. Indiana protects gun owners right to purchase weapons in Article 1 Section 32 of the state constitution. However, like other states with this protection, it still has provisions that prohibit gun purchase to certain people and regulate carrying weapons in public....
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Wisconsin Gun Laws

This week in our weekly gun law post we turn to Wisconsin. Wisconsin rates well in terms of firearm possession rights. Generally, anyone who is 18 years of age or older and does not have a criminal record or is found mental impaired, is allowed to purchase a...
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Colorado Gun Laws

This week we are taking a look at Colorado. Colorado ranked only 37th on a 2015 Best States For Gun Owners list, which is a good indication of some of the bad news to come in this article. In Colorado there are stringent laws regarding magazine capacity, carrying...
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Gun Laws: Texas Hold’em

People not in the gun community often think that Texas would be the Wild West when it comes to gun laws but it’s not.  It is not the most relaxed State when it comes to possession, open carry and laws requiring secure weapon storage. While there is good reason and...
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This Is PBS

Very interesting. A new online poll on the PBS website asks, “Would you support more restrictive gun laws in your state?” As of this writing, there are over 19,000 responses, and over 91% are opposed to more gun control. I understand that online polls are not anywhere near...
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