I’m So Confused!

There’s a story making the rounds that the New York City Council has introduced a new bill which would make their gun offender registry public, and allow residents to sign up for an email alert if a Registered Gun Offender™ moves into the neighborhood.     But why would such a law be necessary?  You see,…


385 – Symbols

Frank Jack Fiamingo, president of the NJ Second Amendment Society, The New Jersey Second Amendment Society is launching a national campaign to help her. Help Shaneen  Will you?  http://gogetfunding.com/project/shaneen-allen-legal-defense-fund   You can hear the conversation with Frank on episode 385.   This week a symbol of Gun Control passed away, he was 73. His name was…

Down But Not Out - blackmanwithagun.com

Down But Not Out – 381

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Podcast, the weekly show for the cool people in the gun community Kenn talks about the violence in Chicago, shares the history of the NAACP, W.E.B. Du Bois, and takes some text from Nicholas Johnson’s book, “Negroes and the Gun. Kenn shares that he is going…


Aim Higher

I shot the USPSA Ohio Sectionals recently, and as part of post-match clean-up, I did an ammo inventory.  In one day of competition, I shot 265 rounds of .45 ACP.  I shot them at multiple targets, some partially obscured by cover, or by friendly “no-shoots.”  I shot them at moving targets, and targets of various…