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This is the blog and podcast of gun owner, author, firearms trainer and activist, Rev. Kenn Blanchard

He has been involved in the gun rights community since 1991 defending and promoting the right to keep and bear arms nationally.

His podcast, the Black Man With A Gun Show has been downloaded over a million times since 2007.  The show is the heart and soul of the gun community focusing on the inner person, sharing history and things to improve the life of the listener.

Blanchard is a recognized face in the gun community and has been featured on TV, documentaries, radio and new media.

He is a prolific speaker with the ability to reach diverse audiences. He has been blogging since 2000.


Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Black and American History: Podcast 308


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The Urban Shooter Podcast

Just under an hour show features interviews with Crusader Weaponry, Barbara Baird, Nikki Turpeaux, news, candid conversations, African American and personal history related to gun control, music from KC and the Sunshine Band, Bobby Caldwell, shout outs to frends and family, Freedomsnetwork.org, americangunowner.org, kickstarter project and Bishop EW Jackson’s campaign for Lt. Gov of Virginia.

This week on the 308th episode of The Urban Shooter Podcast, I don’t talk about .308 caliber anything.   I already did that in an earlier episode.  What I wax philosophically about is American history and my link as a person of color to gun control.  I also give some silly points of references to things that have happened in my life for levity.

I got the chance to interview two guys from Crusader Weaponry at the 2013 SHOT show and Ron Larimer, blogger and podcaster of balloongoesup.com

The news segment mentions the former LAPD officer that was killed in California after a long manhunt and the recent arrest of a para-olympian from South Africa that I thought was noteworthy.  He recently killed his girlfriend.  I also gave some kudos to Mark Walters of Armed American Radio for his success in growing a pro-gun radio show on terrestrial traditional radio in this day in age.

‘Blade Runner’ Olympian Oscar Pistorius charged with murdering girlfriend


Barbara Baird of Womensoutdoornews.com interviews Nikki Turpeaux of archangeltactical.com on the show.

I give an explanation about freedoms network and what I have learned about providing a social media site for fans and friends of the show.

I play a professionally made commercial I made for topgunreview.com in appreciation for their help on a future project of mine called Americangunowner.org.

I have a kickstarter program trying to raise money (2K) for equipment to expand the success of my podcast into a web series.

I introduced a new segment with a story from Aesop’s fables that I hope to add every week (till I run out) with a moral and thought to ponder.  I believe that gun owners, are some of the best people in the world and need encouragement, enrichment and entertainment in a time when they are constantly defending their right to live free, love and protect their families.  My show seeks to fill in a more holistic approach to our lives than just guns.  We are more than that.

In honor of those I love, Bones Hooks renders the opening of a Bobby Caldwell song and concludes with a KC and the Sunshine Band classic interrupted.





 Ban these magazines:

Oprah, Martha Stewart, Vogue, People, ABC Soap Opera

Ban these guns:

Nail Guns that fire over 300 nails.
bubble guns
Stupid looking cartoon fish bubble guns.




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



.22 Caliber Conversion Kit for the Glock Pistol from Advantage Arms, Inc.

Advantage Arms conversion kit

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I didn’t intend to buy anything when I checked into Nova Armament Gun Shop, at 795 Center Street, Herndon, VA.  I was just saying high and saw the Advantage Arms, Inc. .22 Conversion kit in the showcase.  It caught my eye, like when you see a Cosmopolitan magazine in the grocery store.  I asked to see it and that was all it took.  I bought the thing in hope that it fit my Gen 3 Lone Wolf Distributor Timber Wolf frame.  I built a custom Glock 35 from Lone Wolf but was not real happy with it.  Lone Wolf Distributor is the company that makes custom slides, lowers, compensators and flash hiders that can change the look of your Glock pistol dramatically.  I wanted a 9mm but they didn’t have it right away so I accepted the .40 cal S&W.  I really like the added features on the Timber wolf frame.  It has a rounded trigger guard, a beavertail, a high grip angle and a couple of other features that makes it feel good.  I ordered a 9mm drop in barrel when one was available but needed a different extractor for it to run efficiently.  The drop in barrel wasn’t enough.  I had constant feeding issues while shooting.  I took the barrel back out and put the .40 cal. barrel back in.  I put the gun back in the safe.  I was disappointed.  A few months later I pulled it back out and bought an aluminum magazine well for it that matched the slide.  It looked better but shooting .40-caliber ammunition is expensive.  The extra recoil is not quite the punch of a .45 but snappy to where it’s not pleasurable.  Back in the safe it went.  I pulled it back out when I thought about adding a laser or white light attachment to the rails on the LWD Glock.  The Viridian Green Laser/ White light combo is slick.  It made it my bedside gun for a minute.  The Viridian light fit without a hitch, and was easy to adjust.  I was not a gadget guy until I got this laser and light combo.  I like it.  The green is cool and can be seen in daylight.


Well, now I pulled off the slide, and put on this .22 caliber replacement slide and it went on just like the instruction book said.  At first, it didn’t lock on, but that was also because I didn’t read the instructions.  After I did, I realized you have to put the muzzle on a flat surface and work the slide lock till it gets into the right position.  As soon as it “locked” into place, the smile on my face almost cut my head in two pieces.


Now I have a really cool gun to plink and practice my marksmanship with that won’t cost $50 for a box of ammo.  If you are choosing between a 40, 45 or 9, go with the 9mm.   More on that later.




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Church shootings


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 There have been more instances of violence against worshippers than we pay attention to.


I believe that our faith is not in question when we seek to protect ourselves.  We wear more clothing when the environment changes.  We seek cover from rain and we do all the sensible things except when it comes to defense against human predators.

Being confident in our faith doesn’t mean we stop participation in our own preservation and social interaction.  Even lambs have teeth.  An Amoeba has a defense system.  Are we not less than that?

We trust God for provision, but we stop at the practical. “God will provide”.  He does – but I believe He expects a little participation.  He feeds the birds but He doesn’t throw the food in their nest.

As a shepherd (undershepherd, technically) I believe I am responsible for the safety of the sheep in my care.  Synonyms of shepherd are “protector, guardian, defender, and keeper.”  How did we get away from that responsibility?

I believe that God surely loves the people at my church because He has me there to shepherd them.  I have guarded a US President, world leaders, diplomats, and celebrities.

In the Old Testament book of Nehemiah, while the leader rebuilt the wall and restored hope for his people they put up guards.  That is leadership.

But we prayed to our God and posted a guard day and night to meet this threat.

 – Nehemiah 4:9 (NIV)

Look at all the instances that have occurred in 2012 involving places of worship.  I got this from Information from Carl Chinn’s site at http://www.carlchinn.com



Pray for our Nation.

6 22 2012 Phoenix, AZ As a home church group was meeting, someone began pounding on a back door of the home around midnight in such a way as to alarm the families inside. Some of those in the home began firing guns through the door at what they felt was an attempted break-in. Whoever was pounding on the door left and no arrests have been made.
6 22 2012 Fresno, CA A passenger in a car passing by the Harmony Baptist Church opened fire on a brother and sister walking in front of the church. Three bullets struck the church as pastor Chad Williams was inside. Nobody was hurt in the attack.
6 7 2012 Stone Mountain, GA As a funeral was ending at the World Baptist Church, two funeral attendees became engaged in a fight. 28-year-old Deimetrius Heard and 19-year-old Carlos Henderson Jr. pulled guns and began shooting each other in the parking lot. Both attackers killed each other in the altercation.
6 6 2012 Memphis, TN Gwen Jackson was a homeless lady who loved her home church – St. Mary’s Cathedral. She told the priest on Tuesday that she had found a job and was going to move into a home. But on Wednesday morning she was robbed, then beaten to death on the steps of the church by Michael Mullins. Her bible lay at her feet where she died.
5 28 2012 Anniston, AL David Rice, pastor of First Presbyterian Church, and his wife were in their bedroom of the church parsonage when they heard weeping in the kitchen. Rice went down and discovered his brother who had a history of mental illness. A confrontation erupted and Rice stabbed his brother who is expected to survive. The pastor was arrested but released on bail as the incident is investigated.
5 25 2012 Greensboro, NC An unidentified dead woman was found at 10:15 AM behind the God’s House of Deliverance Church. Her death has been ruled as a homicide, but investigators do not have much else to go on.
5 24 2012 Phoenix, AZ As workers at the Salvation Army were going through donated items they came to a flashlight. When they turned it on it exploded. The home-made bomb is similar to two others in the Phoenix area in recent days. The ATF is investigating, and the workers were fortunate to sustain only minor injuries to their face and arms.
5 23 2012 Tempe, AZ A man appearing to be homeless found his way into a restroom in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic church where he attempted suicide by stabbing himself multiple times. He was discovered by a church worker, and is expected to survive. The church also has a school next door.
5 22 2012 Jersey City, NJ As a van with 12 children of the Mt. Pisgah AME Church was pulling out of the church parking lot to take the children home, a gun battle between street gangs erupted nearby. 20-year-old Darion Pinkney fired a number of shots, one of which struck the windshield of the van. The van driver quickly returned to the church unloading all the children into safety and nobody was hurt. Pinkney was free on bond awaiting felony proceedings on drug charges when he fired the shots.
5 19 2012 Indianapolis, IN Jaman Iseminger, the 29-year-old pastor of Bethel Community Church, was shot and killed in his church by mentally ill Lori Ann Barcroft. She had asked for Iseminger as congregants were arriving at 07:00 Saturday for a cemetery clean-up activity. One of the volunteers told her where he was in his office, she went to him and shot him. Iseminger’s sermon he had prepared for the next day was going to be on the topic of pastor slayings worldwide.
5 11 2012 Green Bay, AL Veun Phdsanay was a mentally disturbed Buddhist Monk living in the Wat Buddahrakha Temple. After refusing medical help, he got into an argument over food with senior Monk Chaiwat Mileechate in the cafeteria. Phdsanay beat Mileechate to death with a wooden pestle, then went back to his room and cleaned up, and returned to the cafeteria to finish eating.
5 9 2012 Detroit, MI 84-year-old Joseph Lewis – a Bronze Star recipient of the Korean War — had protected area churches for 55 years as a security guard. He was shot and killed in the parking lot of the Victory Way Assembly C.O.G.I.C. church as the Wednesday night bible study was going on inside. He never had time to pull his weapon. One arrest has been made and others pending.
5 6 2012 Boston, MA Linda Chery-Valentin operates a day-care center in a portion of the building owned and operated by Our Lady of the Cedars of Lebanon church. The church has been in a dispute with her over parking rights and other lease / tenant differences for some time. She was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and assault / battery following the Sunday AM incident in which she allegedly raced her SUV towards church parking lot attendants who claim they would have been struck had they not jumped out of the way.
5 3 2012 Ellicot City, MD 56-year-old transient, Douglas Franklin Jones, was told by the staff of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church that his frequent partaking of the benevolence food pantry would need to be regulated to allow more for others. He became enraged, shooting and killing co-pastor Mary-Marguerite Kohn and church employee Brenda Brewington. Jones then killed himself in the woods where he lived behind the church.
5 3 2012 Tacoma, WA An unknown assailant(s) threw a makeshift firebomb made from a gas can through a window of the Pathways to Learning Day-Care Center attached to the C.O.G.I.C. Church. The day before, a van had plowed into the same facility with a rock set on the accelerator.
5 2 2012 Albany, GA Major Scott was banned from the Albany Rescue Mission in January after threatening people and stripping off his clothes. He returned to the area and had an argument with his wife behind the mission as church services were going on inside. He attacked his wife with a knife, and when his son intervened to protect his mother he attacked him as well. Both victims survived, Scott was arrested.
4 27 2012 Bartlesville, OK Shawn Kennedy was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he attacked the Director of the Family Life Center with various objects in the Director’s office. Kennedy was upset that he was not receiving benevolence assistance in the way he wanted it.
4 26 2012 St. Thomas, PA 18-year-old Jonathan Scott Crist agreed to meet an un-named victim for a drug deal in the parking lot of the St. Luke Lutheran Church. In an altercation that ensued, Crist stabbed the victim in the arm. Crist had planned to rob the victim of $35.00.
4 22 2012 Aurora, CO Following an argument with friends a few blocks away, 29-year-old Kiarron Parker raced his car across the parking lot of the New Destiny Christian Center just as Sunday services had ended. His car rammed another and came to a stop. As the pastor’s mother (67-year-old Josephine Echols) and others came to Parker’s aid, he pulled a gun and started shooting. Echols was hit 5 times and died. As people ran back into the church, Parker followed, but was killed as he entered the foyer by church member and off-duty police officer Antonio Milow.
4 18 2012 Benton Harbor, MI The Church of God in Christ owns the C.O.G.I.C. Village Apartments, and has an office on site to manage the apartments. A pipe bomb was detonated on the sill of that office during unoccupied times, shattering the window and sending deadly shrapnel across a wide area.
4 11 2012 Salt Lake City, UT 18-year-old Chris Perry and his 16-year-old female accomplice were arrested for setting off a homemade bomb in an LDS Church parking lot. They also detonated one in a stairway of a local High School and two others in various places. They just wanted to see and hear the explosions from devices they concocted from internet recipes.
4 10 2012 Tacoma, WA As Ivan Zaytsev expressed anger in the lobby of the Slavic Christian Center on Tuesday evening, ushers brought Pastor Peter Sayenko (who had been doing marriage counseling for Zaytsev) to him. The pastor took him to his office to get the confrontation out of the crowd. When they got in the office, Zaytsev locked the door, punched the pastor in the face and stabbed him in the back before fleeing the scene. Sayneko will survive, and Zaytsev was arrested.
4 5 2012 Indianapolis. IN Angry over allegations he had been stealing from the First Christian Missionary Baptist Church, 19-year-old Calvin Griffin shot at but missed the 69-year-old pastor Damon Roach (also the shooter’s grandfather) as he was working in the church. Griffin was arrested a short time after the shooting.
4 2 2012 Oakland, CA Angry over a tuition reimbursement dispute, Oikos University (a small Christian ran university) student One Goh returned in anger with a .45. When he didn’t find the person he was looking for, he began shooting, randomly killing Tshering Bhutia, Grace Kim, Sonam Choedon, Katleen Ping, Doris Chibuko, Judith Seymour and Lydia Sim before he fled the scene. When he was done killing he left the scene and was arrested at another location.
3 30 2012 Miami, FL As funeral services were being held at the Funeraria Latina Emmanuel Funeral Home, an alleged Haitian gang pulled up and began firing into the crowd of mourners. Parterson Dubreus and Laurore Ornis were killed and 12 others were wounded in the mass shooting.
3 30 2012 Liverpool Township, OH In what appears to be a murder / suicide, Michael & Karen Wolfe were found dead of gunshots inside their residence at the Free Methodist Church Camp. The couple served as the church camp groundskeepers.
3 25 2012 Pittsburgh, PA 17-year-old Deontay Smith was standing outside the Inner Cities Ministries visiting with friends as others were inside worshipping in the service. A man walked up to him and shot him multiple times in the head killing him in front of stunned witnesses. The shooter even repeatedly struck him multiple times after he fell in what looks to be a gang-related execution.
3 25 2012 Boiling Springs, SC Jesse Gates acted strange earlier in the Sunday AM service at the Southside Free Will Baptist Church. Strange enough that member Aaron Guyton carried his legal concealed weapon the rest of the day. Gates returned armed with a shotgun and a knife. He kicked open a side door and began to demand the pastor come down from the pulpit. Rev. Henry Guyton (Grandfather of Aaron) did come down, but it was to take the shotgun away as Aaron, Jesse Smith and Leland Powers (who had all intervened immediately) held Gates to the ground.
3 18 2012 Las Vegas, NV As a man was walking across the parking lot about 08:00 Sunday AM to go into services at the St. Joseph, Husband of Mary Church, two men in a car pulled beside him. They were asking for directions which he gave them. One of the men in the car, jumped out, grabbed the parishioner, pointed a gun in his face and threw him to the ground demanding his wallet. No arrests have yet been made.
3 15 2012 Sacramento, CA As a man was attending a church activity at the Trinity Presbyterian Church, a gun battle was going on between moving cars nearby. He was struck by a bullet and was found by arriving police in the parking lot. Though the bullet struck him in his face, he is expected to survive.
3 6 2012 Jacksonville, FL 28-year-old Shane Schumerth had just been terminated from his position as a teacher at the Episcopal High School at 09:00 Tuesday AM. He returned about 1:35 PM with a guitar case and went to the school offices. He pulled a rifle out of the guitar case and killed 63-year-old Dale Regan, then himself. Regan was the head of the school where she had worked since 1978.
3 1 2012 Omaha, NE As middle school children were in the St. Paul Lutheran Church school gym, shots rang out from an unrelated gun attack in the parking lot. One bullet struck the gymnasium door, and a car in the parking lot was hit, but nobody in the church was injured.
2 26 2012 Visalia, CA Death threats against Reverend Carlos Serrano of The Catholic Church of Visalia were credible enough that the priest was relocated to an unpublished location prior to services on Sunday. Law enforcement officials confirmed the priest is under no other investigations, and he is the victim in this city where an LDS church leader was killed on 8/29/10
2 24 2012 Carrollton, TX Well known area businessman, 52-year-old Travis Henderson had been involved in a family disturbance at his home. His wife was concerned as he had left with a gun, and was not in a good state of mind so she called police. They found him in the parking lot of the Valley View Christian Church. When he pointed his weapon at the officers, they fired killing him.
2 18 2012 Riverdale, GA Jonathan Holland was fatally shot in the parking lot of the Heatherwood Baptist Church around 04:00 Saturday AM. He and others had just left a nearby nightclub, and gotten into an argument in the church parking lot where they had parked their cars. Spillover violence from the nightclub has been a problem at the church for a long time.
2 11 2012 Tulsa, OK Scary moments followed when a car thief stole a truck which had two small children in it. The 5-month-old baby was safely recovered in a residential neighborhood. The one-year-old was dropped off in the parking lot of the St. Francis Xavier Church. Fortunately she was soon discovered by church parishioners. Police felt they were dealing with a three hour window to find her before death on what may have been the coldest night of the winter.
2 9 2012 Culpeper, VA Mystery clouds a shooting in the parking lot of the Epiphany Catholic School at 10:00 Thursday morning. 54-year-old Patricia Cook had never had any encounter with police, and was a respected retired local professional. But she was reported as a suspicious person in the church / school parking lot. The responding police officer, Daniel Harmon-Wright, shot and killed her. Wright was indicted on murder charges.
2 6 2012 Cleveland, OH Father Dean Dimon of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church and Father John Ojaimi from nearby St. George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church both confronted William Horning who had been working churches in the area by taking money without doing the work charged for. Horning became angry when confronted with his ruse (discovered to be a parole violation of prior convictions). They pinned him down as they were awaiting arrival of law-enforcement, but he hit Father John in the head and escaped. As Horning was fleeing the church, he purposely hit two arriving officers with his car as they identified themselves and tried to stop him. The injuries to the officers and the priest were not life-threatening.
2 3 2012 Princeton, WV 30-year-old Jason Hicks was found shot to death in the parking lot of the Pentecostal Chapel of Praise. The gunshot was not self-inflicted, but no arrests have yet been made. The shooting occured around 7:30 PM on Friday night.
2 2 2012 Rochester Hills, MI 50-year-old Jeff Murri, GM of Fox News affiliate WJBK, committed suicide in the parking lot of his family church — St. Irenaeus Catholic Church on Thursday afternoon. Murri died of a single gunshot wound to his head.
2 2 2012 Wisconsin Rapids, WI A woman attempted to stab another woman as the two were attending St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church.
2 2 2012 Corpus Christi, TX As a maintenance man for St. Bartholemew’s Episcopal Church was going to repair equipment on the building, he was assaulted by an unknown man who stabbed him with an unknown object in the attack. The wounds are non-life threatening. Police never found the assailant. The belief is that the attacker was homeless.
2 1 2012 Springfield, MA The body of 38-year-old Judy Ramirez was found at the base of stairs leading into the basement of the Progressive Community Chapel. The investigation determined homicide due to blunt force trauma. 30-year-old Ronald Ruell Jr. arrested and charged with her murder.
1 22 2012 Nevada, MO A small fire was ignited when an unidentified person threw a Molotov cocktail at the Sylvan Dale church.
1 20 2012 Albany, GA As the worship service began at the Albany Rescue Mission, Major Scott came in threatening other participants with a knife, disrobed and continued lunging at people with a knife. When police arrived, he had to be tazed in order to arrest him.
1 20 2012 Akron, OH 3 men robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of the North Hills Community Baptist Church. Arrests were made on 16, 17 & 19-year-old robbers who struck at 8:00 PM on Friday night. Police tracked them in the snow to make the arrest
1 18 2012 Goose Creek, SC As the choir of St. James United Methodist Church were rehearsing, a man walked in the unlocked door and started down the aisle towards them with a long gun (investigators are uncertain if it was a shotgun or rifle) yelling at them to get on the floor. He was loud, vulgar and overpowering as people tried to comply but some older folks could not physically meet his demands. He got away with cell phones, billfolds and purses.
1 17 2012 Charleston, WV Following a domestic dispute, 40-year-old Tommy Gene Ransbottom held a gun to his own head then fired it multiple times into the air. As police were responding he drove to the Rock Lake Presbyterian Church. As officers and family members pleaded with him in the church parking lot around 01:00 AM, he got out of his car and began walking towards officers refusing to lay his weapon down. He was shot and killed as police determined his actions were putting them in danger.
1 17 2012 Salisbury, NC By the time police arrived at the scene of a fight in the parking lot of the Milford Hills United Methodist Church on Tuesday evening, all suspects and victims had fled. 3 spent 9 mm casings were retrieved, but nobody seemed to have been hit.
1 15 2012 Omaha, NE As congregants were worshipping inside the Afresh Anointing Church, they heard gunshots that first sounded as if they were coming from the basement. They soon discovered they were coming from outside where 18-year-old Wallace Hubbard had been shot in the arm and lower back. He told police he did not know his attacker who confronted him as he was walking by the church.
1 15 2012 South Bend, IN “Random act of violence” seems to be the only explanation for why a couple of unidentified shooters shot at least 6 9mm rounds at a homeless man standing close to the downtown First United Methodist Church. One of the rounds cut through his pants, but none struck his body. The homeless man told police he was waiting outside the church to use their weather amnesty program.
1 15 2012 Flint, MI As people were arriving at the Salem Lutheran Church, a 54-year-old woman was approached by two men with a gun as she got out of her car. They demanded her car from her which she gave them avoiding any further confrontation. Neither they nor the car have been located.
1 14 2012 Rochester, MA Raymond C. Phelps committed suicide in front of the Holy Rosary Parish. His body was discovered as a church worker was coming into the church that morning.
1 11 2012 Cordell, OK A 12 and 13-year-old boy got into a fight in the First Baptist church basement after Wednesday night youth services. During the fight, the 12-year-old fell backward and hit his head on the floor. The boy died from his injuries. This simple juvenile scuffle was never intended to be deadly force in nature, but it ended as such. I did not want to post this one, but it is what it is.
1 11 2012 Helotis, TX On Wednesday afternoon about 3:00, Manuel Rodriguez, 51, walked into at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church with Zeferina Castillo, 54 (the proprietor of a local funeral home). They calmly walked to the front of the church, but the video recordings stopped before he shot her several times killing her. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide beside her at the altar. Castillo’s husband had died in 2007, and she was dating Rodriquez.
1 11 2012 Rutherford, NJ In a rash of anti-Semitic attacks occurring in the area, the latest is attempted murder as someone used several Molotov Cocktails and other incendiary devices to firebomb the Congregation Beth El Synagogue. Rabbi Nosson Schuman was in the upstairs residence of the Synagogue where his wife and five children were also sleeping when the attack begun around 04:30 Wednesday AM. The Rabbi was treated for burns, but no other members of his family were injured when a firebomb broke through his window and failed to explode, but did ignite the bed he was sleeping on. 19-year-olds Aakash Dalal & Anthony Graziano arrested. Graziano was charged with 9 counts of attempted murder.
1 9 2012 Fredericksburg, TX About 09:00 on Monday AM a Memorial Presbyterian Church employee was alone in the church doing administrative duties. A door chime had sounded indicating someone had entered, and when she turned around a stranger demanded cash and held up a knife. She ran into a bathroom to call 911, but he kicked in the door. He fled the scene before police arrived and the employee was unhurt.
1 8 2012 Alabama City, AL Luis Ibarra-Hernandez is an Islamist Extremist who intentionally led police into shootouts at two churches shortly after midnight. As police were investigating shots fired, they heard shots themselves, then observed the shooter running into the Cathedral of Praise parking lot. He continued eluding and shooting, at one point engaging officers in the parking lot of the Dwight Baptist Church as well. After his arrest he acknowledged wanting to shoot police to call attention to Islam.
1 6 2012 Grand Rapids, MI A group of teens became angry at not being let into a youth event at the Streams of Hope Community Center (launched, and partially funded / operated by Hillside Community Church). In the confrontation that took place outside where the intruders were turned away, the anger led to 25 gunshots by the troublemakers, leaving one ministry organizer in the hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his head. No arrests made of the 8 attackers as of press time.
1 4 2012 Albuquerque, NM As professional burglars often do, Mark Macoldowna (aka Mark Beechum – well known to law enforcement as a constitutionalist who despised Catholicism), James Kellogg and Kymberly Bates came in from out of town specifically to case an apparent high value soft target. They believed the Archdiocese Catholic Center held valuable cash assets that would be easy taking. As the robbery began, Beechum overcame an unarmed security guard who he beat, then left tied up as he found the safe and started to exit with it not knowing the guard had managed to send an alert. When Officer Mario Perez encountered Beechum, the robber dropped the safe and began firing at Officer Perez who returned fire killing Beechum.
1 1 2012 New York, NY 80 – 100 people were worshipping in the Al-Khoei Mosque (the largest Shite Mosque in North America) when an unidentified man hit the facility with a Molotov cocktail which engulfed the main entry doors. The same man is believed to be responsible for a total of 5 fire-bombings over the weekend, including another house of Worship – a home modified into a small Hindu temple. Police are questioning a person of interest.
1 1 2012 Colorado Springs, CO As worship service was going on in the Apostolic Assembly Church, a bullet apparently fired by a passing motorist came through a window.
1 1 2012 Arlington, TX

A man was headed from the parking lot into the Iglesia Ni Cristo Church of Christ around 06:30 AM Sunday morning. He was stopped by an unidentified man in the parking lot who robbed him and shot him in the stomach. Another suspect joined the shooter as they both left in the victim’s vehicle.


Information from Carl Chinn’s site at http://www.carlchinn.com




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Question of the Week

I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six

July 23, 2012 | Posted in Freedom | By

Have you considered risking your future freedom by carrying concealed in a labeled gun free zone?


“I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six…”

The theater in Aurora, Colorado was a posted place where concealed carry was not allowed.  Law abiding, and trained gun owners know that the possibility of one gun owner in the theater would have probably caused the active shooter to choose another place to do evil.  Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

The safe and responsible answer to the question I pose is not to break the law.  I want to know if you, as a good guy/gal have thought about all that would happen if you indeed saved the day.  Call me and leave me a voice mail response for the next show.  Just repeat the question and give your answer, and reason for your way of thinking.


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.     Sir Edmund Burke

Have you given any thought to breaking the law, and losing your freedom to save the lives of innocent people from active shooters? You know that after the shooting, even if justified, you will be vilified, and by the media, the justice system and maybe even your pro-gun peers? Have you ever given it any thought?

That is my question of the week for episode 279 of The Urban Shooter Podcast. You can use SpeakPipe icon on http://blackmanwithagun.com or call my voice mail at 888-675-0202.——————————————-

Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.