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BMWAG 357 – Gun Rights Are Civil Rights

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New Gun Documentary from folks I met from England News: NFL couple left her AR-15 in a rental car in FL FL man, gets harassed by MTA police near Baltimore SHOT SHOW – I didn’t go.   NRA Meeting Coming.…


Forget About It

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Urban Shooter Podcast Episode # 330 In this episode I’ll share three interviews with men that have inspired me in different ways to push on. Raymond Kohout is the CEO of a revolutionary new handgun called the Double Tap Defensive…


Fight One More Round Podcast 309

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The Urban Shooter Podcast episode 309   Interview with  Daily Caller.com’s – Guns and Gear editor- Mike Piccione Sign of the Times- Bones Hooks Gimmie All Your Loving- Bones Hooks  Aesop fable Interview with JJ Racaza- Caracal, Top Shot, ISPC,…


The Urban Shooter Podcast 292

Witchy Woman The Urban Shooter Podcast 292

Happy Halloween, ghost and goblins, saints and ain’ts. Witchy Woman- Bones Hooks Intro (Eagles) Barbara Baird talks to the reigning queen of shooting and all things nice, Julie Golob. Kenn talks about a Rock and a Hard Place. Cigar of…


291 The Urban Shooter Podcast

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ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER   Kenn Blanchard’s popular podcast featuring a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s, “All Along The Watchtower” is not your normal gun show.  This episode features music from veteran Sarah Greene, Living the Dream , and patriotic rock…