332 – Life Isn’t Fair, But It’s Still Good

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Episode 332 of the Black Man With A Gun Podcast.

This week we are going to hear from Tactical Tommy, of http://www.centermasscombattactics.com ,a law enforcement officer giving some tips for those of us, that want to be better with our AR’s.

Tommy’s recommendations:

  1. Aimpoint
  2. Every rifle shooter  needs a light, a sight and sling
  3. single point or two point sling


Also, I am blessed to reconnect with tactical Tim Schmidt the publisher and visionary of US Concealed Carry Magazine.


I have some news to share and plan to talk about violence. We kind of skirt around the issue some times. Well, we don’t but the public does. We are the ones trying to speak truth to power. I know. And thank you for all you put up with.


We have my Tale of Two Cities.


And some music from Bones Hooks who is feeling his oats right about now. I don’t know about that boy.


Gun charge dropped against man who shot pit bull attacking child in D.C.

Washington Post ^ | 7.23.13


Daniel Shaw, Gunfighter Cast has now started his own training academy.  And he isn’t alone.  Tommy from the GunDudes Podcast has one too.  Is that cool or what?  They are doing a class together in August.


There is a new move to create mini podcast networks.  There is one called ConcealNCarry.net that looks pretty good.  You’ll find the shows of the Firearms Radio Network there.  And few other familiar faces.


My book, Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded,  looks like it will be out around the first week of October.


I will be speaking in Las Vegas at the New Media Expo, Jan 4-6, 2014 at the RIO hotel.

Don’t forget to check out theHolstersite.com, I got a really professional leather holster made for my glock 34 with tac lite.  Real leather, made by hand from my friend and brother the Evyl Robot out of Oklahoma.

Mas Ayoob is having a MAG-40 class not too far from Ocean City. MD, the month of August.  I think that class is sold out, though.  MAG-40 OC Poster v7


I was thinking about the group of mayors that have banded together for publicity called Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  It’s one of those misnomers made by wordsmiths that is impotent, and unnecessary.  All guns used by criminals are illegal.  All firearms altered or sold on the black and gray markets is already a felony.  They didn’t invent the word “straw purchase” it has always been a crime to buy a firearm for someone else that may not be legally able to.  This is not the only term like this.


There is no such thing as gun violence.  Analytically, the term “gun violence” really means guns are perpetrating violence on other guns. It is just violence.  You have to admit the term sounds good though. It is a successfully used emotional hot button for anyone who is or has been a victim.  And I could go on for a long stretch about victimology.  I know a group of people that revel in it.


Booker T. Washington said and it is still true:


“There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”


I know violence.  It has been described as something that can happen as quick as a bolt of lightning touching down during a thunderstorm.  I grew up and survived more than one type of violence.  Let me tell you a story…







Special thanks to Rob and Chris


Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Heart and Soul

Black Man With A Gun_Final_72

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Something’s you can’t change.  Something’s you shouldn’t change.  There are some things, though that should.  I am working on me right now.  I am taking the time I have been given to look at what I am doing online, and for others.  For the past six years I have been producing the Urban Shooter Podcast.  It started off a gun show by a black guy known as the Black Man With A Gun.   I am not and never have been the only person of color in the gun community, I just might be the most known.

My podcast has been steadily growing, slowly since my audience seems to be predominately affluent “baby boomers,” with advance degrees that make over 100K a year. And a lot that don’t make that kinda bread.   Either way, cool people listen to me.  My show has introduced new comedians; casting calls for new shows and an interviewed a list of well-known names.

Aaargo Jay
Alan Gottlieb
Andre Queen
Barbara Baird
Bill Frady
Bobbie Ross
Brian Dragunuk
Brian Hardy
Brittany Star
Charles Heller
Colion Noir
David Codrea
Derek Ward
Don Dwyer
Doug Koenig
Emily Miller
Ernie Hudson
EW Jackson
Fate of Destinee
Francis Becker
Frank Fiamingo
Gabby Franco
Gene Hoffman
Gil Ash
Greg Medford
Harry Jackson
JJ Racaza
Joe Tartaro
Joseph Davis
Julie Golieb
Kris Koenig
Larry Pratt
Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown
Mark Walters
Marti Hayes
Massad Ayoob
Michael Bane
Michael Piccione
MJ Mollenhour
Natalie Foster
Nikki Goeser
Nikki Turpeaux
Oleg Volk
Patrick Kilpatrick
Paul McKinley
Rabbi Dovid Bendory
Raymond Kohout
Richard “Dick” Heller
Rick Ector
Rob Morse
Rob Pincus
Sam Humphries
Skip Coryell
TDI Ohio – John Benner
Tim Abell
Tim Schmitt
Todd Jarrett
Tom Gresham
Valinda Rowe
Wayne LaPierre
…And others.


I didn’t realize how many people had been on my show until I looked on my computer.

The Urban Shooter Podcast is eclectic.  I describe it as a pro-gun variety show, like a seventies era talk show.  It’s never been just about the gun for me.  It was something I carried defending and protecting life all over the world.  I love the stories and the people behind the guns.  I never get bored hearing about the exploits and challenges of good people.   I use my show to entertain and help my friends “survive another week.”  I am still surviving and like to infuse my show with encouragement and my take on the events that shape our lives.

When I talk about the Zimmerman case or the Newtown massacre it is not for social media juice but to heal a hurting community.  When I talk about racism and politics, it’s to lighten the load of friends caught in the crossfire of hate, ignorance and too much bad news.  Good people get abused.  I do it as a Christian pastor.  I do it as a regular guy has been fighting all of his life in one way or another and prefers peace and freedom.  I’ve been in places and homes torn by fighting.  I’ve been in hospitals, at crime scenes, behind the scenes as a father, brother, and friend.  I’m that dude that has failed at more than he has succeeded.

I am going to tweak my podcast a little to reflect my maturity.  At the same time I am going to try to get a radio show, with a little heart and soul.  I have evolved into not just the black guy with a gun but your soulful brother from another mother that gun rights groups and the media still call for balanced, common sense, and truth.  They don’t call that regularly but when they do, I am here.

Please pardon the inconvienence.  This man is under construction.  Going to try not to muck with the settings on your feed or the way you download, subscribe or receive the show.  Just don’t freak out on me when you see a few new things popping.  Its still me.







Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Black and American History: Podcast 308


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The Urban Shooter Podcast

Just under an hour show features interviews with Crusader Weaponry, Barbara Baird, Nikki Turpeaux, news, candid conversations, African American and personal history related to gun control, music from KC and the Sunshine Band, Bobby Caldwell, shout outs to frends and family, Freedomsnetwork.org, americangunowner.org, kickstarter project and Bishop EW Jackson’s campaign for Lt. Gov of Virginia.

This week on the 308th episode of The Urban Shooter Podcast, I don’t talk about .308 caliber anything.   I already did that in an earlier episode.  What I wax philosophically about is American history and my link as a person of color to gun control.  I also give some silly points of references to things that have happened in my life for levity.

I got the chance to interview two guys from Crusader Weaponry at the 2013 SHOT show and Ron Larimer, blogger and podcaster of balloongoesup.com

The news segment mentions the former LAPD officer that was killed in California after a long manhunt and the recent arrest of a para-olympian from South Africa that I thought was noteworthy.  He recently killed his girlfriend.  I also gave some kudos to Mark Walters of Armed American Radio for his success in growing a pro-gun radio show on terrestrial traditional radio in this day in age.

‘Blade Runner’ Olympian Oscar Pistorius charged with murdering girlfriend


Barbara Baird of Womensoutdoornews.com interviews Nikki Turpeaux of archangeltactical.com on the show.

I give an explanation about freedoms network and what I have learned about providing a social media site for fans and friends of the show.

I play a professionally made commercial I made for topgunreview.com in appreciation for their help on a future project of mine called Americangunowner.org.

I have a kickstarter program trying to raise money (2K) for equipment to expand the success of my podcast into a web series.

I introduced a new segment with a story from Aesop’s fables that I hope to add every week (till I run out) with a moral and thought to ponder.  I believe that gun owners, are some of the best people in the world and need encouragement, enrichment and entertainment in a time when they are constantly defending their right to live free, love and protect their families.  My show seeks to fill in a more holistic approach to our lives than just guns.  We are more than that.

In honor of those I love, Bones Hooks renders the opening of a Bobby Caldwell song and concludes with a KC and the Sunshine Band classic interrupted.





 Ban these magazines:

Oprah, Martha Stewart, Vogue, People, ABC Soap Opera

Ban these guns:

Nail Guns that fire over 300 nails.
bubble guns
Stupid looking cartoon fish bubble guns.




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.