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One Million Downloads

On August 24, 2013, the Black Man With A Gun Podcast, reached the milestone of being downloaded 1,000,000 times.   What has been truly exciting about the podcast is the people that I have met and now call friends because of it. I have podcasters, bloggers, hunters, safari guides, entrepreneurs and politicians that I can…


What Ammo Shortage?

The wife went out of town and the kids went out so I was sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself.  I know I shouldn’t have but I did.  I thought I’d try out a cigar bar in The Village at Waugh Chapel, 2634 Chapel Lake Drive, Gambrills, Maryland,  I had spied before called TitanCigar.com.  It’s a…

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Cigars and Humidors–The Correct Way

On a previous segment about cigars on The Urban Shooter Podcast I shared some advice about cigars and humidors.  A more experienced brother had the following to say and corrections for me.  I really appreciate this and sharing it here.   On your segment about cigars, I found myself shaking my head yell “Nooooo!” (Visualize…


Urban Shooter Podcast 295

FFFFUN (Funk, Firearms, Freedom, Fun) Mark Walters from Armed American Radio Dee Brown- Hunting Barbara Baird on the Sportsman Act JIC- NovaArmament.com Kenn Blanchard is thankful to God for all the blessings, friends and opportunities that presented themselves this year. The Urban Shooter Podcast has been successfully produced and was consumed by a faithful, fun…

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283 – The Urban Shooter Podcast

 The Naked City   Thanks for joining me again this week.  Going to talk about “entitlements” and set the stage for why I asked for your pet peeves.  To see what some of our friends wrote visit, see below.  Bones Hooks sings a Jimmy Ruffin favorite, Cigar of the Week and Humidors.  New commercial for …