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One Million Downloads

1mil downloads blackmanwithagun.com

On August 24, 2013, the Black Man With A Gun Podcast, reached the milestone of being downloaded 1,000,000 times.   What has been truly exciting about the podcast is the people that I have met and now call friends because…


What Ammo Shortage?


The wife went out of town and the kids went out so I was sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself.  I know I shouldn’t have but I did.  I thought I’d try out a cigar bar in The Village…


Cigars and Humidors–The Correct Way

cigars and humidors blackmanwithagun.com

On a previous segment about cigars on The Urban Shooter Podcast I shared some advice about cigars and humidors.  A more experienced brother had the following to say and corrections for me.  I really appreciate this and sharing it here.…


Urban Shooter Podcast 295


FFFFUN (Funk, Firearms, Freedom, Fun) Mark Walters from Armed American Radio Dee Brown- Hunting Barbara Baird on the Sportsman Act JIC- NovaArmament.com Kenn Blanchard is thankful to God for all the blessings, friends and opportunities that presented themselves this year.…


283 – The Urban Shooter Podcast

The Urban Shooter Podcast Logo

 The Naked City   Thanks for joining me again this week.  Going to talk about “entitlements” and set the stage for why I asked for your pet peeves.  To see what some of our friends wrote visit, see below.  Bones…