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Gun Podcast 397

Six things that great gun rights groups do. Talking about the group that I had the opportunity to speak at last weekend. Talk to terrorism expert Don about Ebola and the threat. And a conversation with investigator Suzanne about wrongful convictions. There are more than you think. All of this and a little “Bones Hooks” on episode 395 of the Black Man With A Gun Show.


Black and American History: Podcast 308

The Urban Shooter Podcast Just under an hour show features interviews with Crusader Weaponry, Barbara Baird, Nikki Turpeaux, news, candid conversations, African American and personal history related to gun control, music from KC and the Sunshine Band, Bobby Caldwell, shout outs to frends and family,,, kickstarter project and Bishop EW Jackson’s campaign for…

fight the power baby

Invictus: The Urban Shooter Podcast

  The Urban Shooter Podcast # 302    Invictus, meaning “unconquerable” or “undefeated” in Latin This week Bones Hooks with the help of some clips from the Vaudevillian past open with a Marvin Gaye song.  Kenn Blanchard is preparing for the New Year, starting with SHOT Show where he hopes to reconnect with new friends…

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Who Is Bones Hooks?

Just in case you were wondering…   Sometimes on the credits or category of a black man with a gun post you will see the name Bones Hooks. Who is that? Bones is the pseudonym of a mature, free man in America, chasing his dreams and loving his life. The name was taken from a…


298 The Urban Shooter Podcast

Guard your Loins (mind)   Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah Guard Your Mind, the subject of the Costas slam is on the minds of many, the news talks about it and we do too.  Barbara Baird and Frank Reed provide their take on it.  There is a video about .22 pistols at Nova Armament…