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Rev. Kenn Blanchard – Challenging the Status Quo

Some people say they want to change things but most want keep the things the way they presently are. I have tried many things online since my first website blackmanwithagun.com debuted in 1999. I learned most by trial and error. I have been a gun rights activist since...
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Product Review: Copperbasin Takedown Backpack

When considering a bag to transport your rifle to and from the range, you really need to consider your surroundings.  When I go to Academy or Bass Pro there’s no end to the number of tactical bags available, but what if I’m transporting my rifle from my car...
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Podcast 446 – What About Gun Free Zones?

In this episode of your favorighteous pro-gun podcast by your friend and brother from another mother, Kenn Blanchard harps on the number “10” like a Sesame Street theme. He  answers a listener that called in about what President Obama said about gun free zones and common sense legislation....
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