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Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded

This book contains the inside story of the African American activist, former CIA firearms instructor and Christian minster known as the Black Man With A Gun™.

Discover his personal story unfold as he takes you on his journey of discovery and shares American history, origins of gun control and points rarely discussed outside the gun community. You’ll laugh and shake your head as he takes you on a fun ride with the man that has helped thousands get or learn about their rights despite the negatives associated with it.

In this new book, published by White Feather Press, “Black Man With A Gun: Reloaded,” you will learn of the struggle and successes of a gun rights activist and a patriot known as the Black Man With A Gun. You will read how he has helped inform people from all walks of life, do it with finesse and fight for the rights of all Americans in all types of media, over the past two decades and the struggles he has overcome to do so. This book is part memoir and part evangelical tool you can use to share with others to see another part of America that is often not given credit or mentioned relating to the gun community. He shares some of his personal history, lessons he has learned as a father, husband, Christian minister and trainer in Kenn’s unmistakable conversational tone of truth and love for his country and the people in this community.

This book will help open doors for instructors and activist. It will help start conversations with people outside of the pro-rights community. It is complete with an appendix of useful terminology.


Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Where The Brothers Are

2013 NRA Annual Meeting

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If you are a YouTube fan of Mr. Colion Noir, Hank Strange or Aargo Jay you may wonder where are other Americans of African decent online or in the community.  Believe it or not, we as a nation are in a new place today as growing numbers of people under thirty are realizing the hyperbole of gun control and the people that promote it.  I have been intimately involved in the gun community since 1991 and have learned a lot about the heroes and the “zeroes” in this movement.


Today, it is not unusual to see a person of color, in a gun shop, show, or even on new media sharing his or her opinion about the sport of shooting, the racist roots of gun control or some cool new firearm.  It wasn’t always this way.


People of color have a history of persecution and oppression when it comes to firearms in North America.  The first gun laws in this hemisphere barred the ownership and possession of guns by Africans, the Chinese and indigenous peoples of North America as early as 1634.  It is in our DNA not to promulgate, promote or show that we are armed or support the right to self-defense.  A black man would be hung, shot, whipped or maimed for even being found with a musket ball in his possession.  We have been conditioned to fear the government and at the same time seek its help, approval and protection like a well-mannered slave.


Our parents have worked hard at ignoring selected parts of our history and urging us to learn about everything except survival.  There are generations of us however that because of careers in the military, law enforcement, education or circumstance buck “the system” and have operated as gun owners despite the stigma, and cowardice of the status quo.  The so-called leaders in the black community have denounced self-reliance and embraced victimology.  They have become more racist in their promulgation than our ancestors during the Civil Rights era.  They expertly use fear and tragedy to make headlines, promote their own agendas and stay on camera.


The “old heads” in the gun community are not as active online so it is harder for the younger people in the community to connect but we are here.


The national organizations that fight for the rights of gun owners do not publically promote support of any group, especially black ones because it’s a Catch 22.  They would be damned if they tried to promote a grassroots recruiting programs in the inner cities.  The black community has been thoroughly brainwashed into believing that the gun grabbers are friends and groups like the NRA is an enemy.  I am not happy it is like that but it is what it is.


And I have been here long enough to know that a group of just all black gun owners isn’t cool either.  It’s a good starting point though.  It will allow for learning to happen faster, because its comfortable but it can also create a wall that we don’t need anymore.  America has enough walls.


In 2000, I created a website called the Black Man With A Gun.  It was used to sell my first book and be a guide for people of color looking for resources and a friendly face.  I took the name from the last book I found on the subject by Robert F. Williams, “Negroes With Guns” published in 1968.


I am not, and was not, the first black man with a gun nor will I be the last.  Today you are seeing more and more activists, entrepreneurs and “urban shooters.”  I would like to introduce you to some folks I know.


Before there was a Kenn Blanchard, they’re James Farmer, and a Roy Innis of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE).  Roy was the first black person I met on the Board of Directors of the NRA.


The first activist I saw trying to do something with the NRA after I started working with them to change concealed carry laws nationally, was a former police officer named Aquil Quadir from Buffalo, NY.  He had written a proposal for funding for his gun club.  Aquil is a retired Buffalo police officer that had seen his share of violence.  This club is still active.


There are college professors like Dr. Robert Cottrell and Dr. Nick Diamond that write and teach on the history of Africans and gun rights, that I still steal from liberally.


There is Rev. Anthony Winfield, a NYC hospital chaplain, a USMC Viet Nam veteran, that wrote a little book about self-defense and being a Christian, a long time before I wrote my first book or became a minister of the Gospel.


There are 100-plus members of a gun club I founded called the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club.  I started it in 1991, and it grew with a chapter in New Jersey under director of Percy Bennett.  Today only the Maryland chapter has survived but it is doing well.


There is Rick Ector in Michigan, the hardest working firearms instructor in Motown.  He has taught hundreds of people, especially a large number of black women.


There is the Black Gun Owner Forum,

and bloggers like N.U.G.U.N.


I am proud to know journalist like Chicago Defender’s J. Palmer that are pro-gun and behind enemy lines.


There are now three NRA directors, J. Kenneth Blackwell from Ohio, former FBI agent Carl Rowan Jr., the former NBA player Karl Malone.


The National Sport Shooting Foundation has a sharp and super nice person in charge of First Shots program, named Tisma Juett.  Another woman I have been blessed to meet is California attorney and documentary star, Bobbie Ross as seen in the movie, “Assaulted: Rights Under Fire.”


You’ve probably heard of Otis McDonald out of Chicago, and maybe Andy Queen also of Illinois.


There are hunters and entrepreneurs like the folks at, and guys like Baraka James that lead a diverse group of shooters called MASF.  Diversity is where its at, actually.  We are stronger together than we are apart.


We are out here.  Numerically our numbers are still small in comparison to the overall population of both blacks and whites but we are growing.  We are a niche within a niche.  We are overcoming four hundred years of oppression and generations of misinformation.  The gun community is inclusive, powerful and knowledgeable.  The people in it are outstanding.  We shall overcome.


Picture above shows, Rick Ector, Kenn Blanchard, and Mr. Colion Noir






Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



I Feel Like I Owe You – Black Man With A Gun Show 348


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This is the 348 episode of a internet radio show known as the Black Man With A Gun Show. This week I have two interviews that will let you know a little about youtuber and new shooter known as Hank Strange. Hank Strange, {see}

Hank (a pseudo) is a really interesting and good family man from what I can tell. You know I appreciate that. His wife and partner in business is in the videos he shoots. How cool is that? They are now video stars. Lola is in the YouTube Video below.

Check out Lola Strange as she explains and demos the Flash Bang Holster.

G4S ITI  Brandon Wright

And before that a new friend that served four years as a Law Enforcement Officer and four years as a State Trooper in the Virginia State Police. In addition, Wright was a member of the local police department S.W.A.T. Team. Wright has over nine years of experience as a Firearms Instructor. I just met him at G4S ITI where he is a master instructor. He is a Distinguished Master in IDPA and an IDPA National Champion. Wright also holds a Grand Master classification in USPSA Production. He is going to share some insight into competing and shooting. He is the ITI team captain.
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I got a chance to hook up again this week with my brother from Utah. Devin of If you are a new shooter, check out his reviews of guns and gear.

Working on a ebook for the new media expo and for any podcasters and bloggers that feel stuck in their production of good content. Its not rocket science but some stuff that might help keep you motivated. I am still working on it but it made me realize how much I don’t and didn’t know about internet marketing. I have only succeeded because I am blessed to call you a friend. I am tenacious, relentless and don’t know any better. That is going in the book. It is going to be a tool to help podcasters and bloggers get motivated.

I owe you. I have been podcasting since 2007 and blogging since 2000 without a clue. I didn’t know much about keywords, google ad words, social media anything and yet you found me. You even like me. I didn’t make it easy. I got multiple facebook pages, blogs and and mini social media site on ning. You don’t know where to look for me. Are you the urbanshooter or the blackmanwithagun.

Preparing for SHOT show.

I know a lot of us are planning to go to SHOT show in January. I want to give you a few tips and the benefits of some hard knocks. The next SHOT show is January 14-17, 2014. Its at the Sands Convention center and is the biggest collection of businesses and people in this industry you will ever see. The bad part is that its not open to everyone. There is a pecking order. If you don’t fit in that order, you will soon see. Big money companies are easy to find. If you are new to the industry, you will hard to find. Either way you have to register. If you are a podcaster, blogger, make sure you register. There is a media day at the range that is big fun but not everyone is invited. This will be the ninth annual SHOT Show Media Day at the Range will take place on Monday, January 13, 2014 at 2500 Utah St, Boulder City, Nevada, approximately 25 miles south of Las Vegas. Media Day will continue to be split into two sessions; the first will be open to 700 invited media members, the afternoon session will be open to 700 at-large registered media. With over 140 exhibiting manufactures in 2013 Media Day continues to be the largest hands-on media event in the hunting and shooting industry.

There are a lot of seasoned journalist there that had to fight their way to that spot and they are not in love with bloggers that they say, threw up a blog and calls themselves media. If you got the second shift, it was a little raw. Even though its in Nevada, it was butt cold out in the desert in January. I want to give you some tips for dressing out there.

You don’t want clothes that are too heavy or too light. It rained and snowed once when I was there.

Dress in layers.

Do you know how your body loses heat? Let me share that.

Check out our mini social site:

And looking for contributing and regular writers for the new  (good stuff there)

Shalom Baby,




Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



347 – First Person Shooter

dominique 1

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Video Games, Social Media and Google.

This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show I want know what you think about violent video games. Do you think they contribute or cause the rash of violent episodes that are happening recently with young men across the country? Do you know much about the games your kids play? We are gun people but we don’t talk or act like the violent people the anti-rights people do. Is it the game or something else?

Video games began in my generation. When our junior high/ Middle school got its first computer, I spent hours after school playing roll-playing games like Star Trek that printed on rolls of paper. The computer keyboard looked like a digital piano and we only had one in the whole school.

I remember taking a bank loan out for an IBM AT with a monochrome screen, a 5-¼ floppy disc and a 3200-baud modem and I thought I was the “man.”

When “Doom” came out in the early nineties check with Google for the exact date, it started the first person shooter concept in video games. Remember that? Later it was reduced to being a screen saver. Violence in video games is not a new phenomenon. If you are not a computer person you might just think that FPS is short for “feet per second” but the younger than 30 crowd knows it to be First Person Shooter.

Now the most popular video games are first person shooter. There are probably over a 100 titles that allow the gamer to drive, run, gun and shoot firearms at soldiers, mythical creatures, zombies, and innocent people all in the name of entertainment.
Some would argue that it is because of this that we have had a rash of active shooter mass shootings recently. What do you think?
Crazy isn’t new. Criminal isn’t new. We have had firearms since the creation of gunpowder. Our ancestors fought over who had the right to even own guns. Was it only for the rich, the white, the men, and the free? Not much has changed. Today the argument is getting stupid though. The ignorant are calling white gun owners racist just because. And others are using the energy it creates to pivot with and promote their own agendas.

Last year in episode 296,  I think it was the Thanksgiving episode, I shared a story of Charles Whitman, the University of Texas Shooter. That happened in 1966. That dude sounded a lot like a mash up between the Virginia Tech shooting and Sandy Hook Elementary.

We like playing the Blame Game today. Not you, this show is for the cool people. You get it. I mean the rest of the country that is hell bent, busted and can’t be trusted. So why do people commit mass shootings? For those that blame the firearm, that would mean they believe in demonic possession. Remember that movie by Stephen King, “Christine.” Great flick. There was this old car that found a lonely, loser and misfit, and possessed him. He and the car started killing people.

Reminds me of the demon-possessed man in the New Testament book of Mark chapter 5 that Jesus cast out. But the better story is when the disciples of Jesus tried to do it on their own and got the mess beat out of them by the demon possessed man because they weren’t spiritually strong enough, in Matthew 17. But in this day nobody wants to admit that stuff still happens and thus there are not a lot of spiritually strong people around that can stop it. I do believe that the woman in Atlanta, Antoinette Tuff had that kind of faith and was able to save lives when Michael Hill walking into that Georgia School back in August 2013.

So if they aren’t possessed they are just mentally ill right? I think there were 21 cases of active shooters in 2010, 11 in 2011 and 15 cases in 2012. 

So it didn’t start with Eric Harris and Dyland Klebold in Columbine in 1999. We have had mass shootings since forever.
• 1923, rosewood, FL 400 were killed
• 1927 there was an active shooter in Bath Township in Michigan at school were 37 children were killed with explosives.
• In 2006, Kyle Aaron Huff in Seattle.
• Seung Hui Cho in 2007 at Virginia Tech
• How about that Army Major turned traitor and Jihadist in 2009.
• You got Loughery in Arizona in 2009.
• And its not just here. There was a dude in Norway in 2011, Anders Breivik. You can find a lot of massacres during the Korean War too. A bunch in the Philippines, Viet Nam. Where ever and whenever there is war. Evil exist.
• James Holmes 2012, Aurora Colorado,
• Wade Page in August 2012 at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin.
• Adam Lana Dec 2012 in Connecticut.
• And this year, we haven’t even finished the year and we have had the Navy Yard, LAX and Paramus Mall in NJ.

What is it? Is it a lack of hope, a lack of faith, bad parenting, or demonic possession? What causes a young man to murder, and to have little or no remorse? And what is it that allows them to kill innocent children? For some that alone is the mark of beast, and a higher and more despicable evil.

All in all, there are a lot of similarities with all the murderers. There is mental illness. They are classified as loners. They had been bullied. There is mistrust and paranoia. Their home life was not so great. There were some family values missing.

And during this conversation, I just realized the importance of letting your children raise a pet. The importance of teaching your child about hunting, harvesting, living off the land. Respecting life. Responsibility and respect is so important. Even today. Even with all the technology we have available.

But how can that be? Don’t we have facebook? Twitter? Instagram. All those great social media things don’t and can’t replace real company, real relationships, and without it too many people are hearing voices, low frequency emissions. But it can’t be Satan. That is just for your religious nuts, right. It’s got to be the gun, the video games.

I said all of this to help you carry on the conversation in your circles. We are friends. You know me. I do this podcast so that I can reach out and talk to you once a week. There is a lot going on in the world and not a lot of it is making any sense. We need to get back to the basics. We need to get back to community. Play cards. Hear live music. Do stuff with people.

Who do you blame? What do you see as the cause and what is a possible solution?
I have a interview with one my sons best friends about the game world. His insight might surprise you.

Rating system for video games

I have a conversation with a young neighbor I know has been playing games all his life. The dude is coming off a midnight shift so he was a little groggy but I appreciate him. Check out my son’s best friend, Keenan.

 And a special guest from the UK.  

Interview with the author of the article Gaming Irresponsibly from the UK.

Killer bits youtube –

Gaming Irresponsibly article -

Her twitter:

Her facebook: 

Thanks Keenan and Dom.

“We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box.”

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Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service to our Nation.


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Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.



Black Man With A Gun Show T-Shirt

T Shirt

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Show Your Support With a T-Shirt .

It’s a three color print on a white Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt. All sizes available up to “full grown and sexy” – 4X.

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Rev. Kenn Blanchard, internet radio broadcaster, online advertiser, veteran, concealed carry activist and harley davidson motorcycle enthusiast shares whats on the minds of hunters and concealed carry permit holders.