the magnificent seven

5 Lessons From The Magnificent Seven

Episode 325 of The Urban Shooter Podcast Old movies for the most part were based on classic themes.  There was less raunchiness, graphic violence and sex displayed.  Although sex and violence are a part of humanity it wasn’t shown to the degree that it is now.  We watch hyperbole now and try to catch up.…


American Gun Owner Video One

Sixty listeners and friends of the Urban Shooter Podcast donated enough money for me to buy a camera, a backdrop and the software to produce this new series.  It is kickstarting my butt.  I used to do this.  I guess I am a kickstarter success story.  The jury is still out on this because…

me and the dog

Workin Man – podcast #311

The Urban Shooter Podcast #311   Episode 311 is unpretentious and “simple.” I just wanted to say thank you for listening and supporting the Urban Shooter Podcast and give a backstory for the new listeners that have just found me.   Aesops fable, Bones Hooks tries Working Man and Simple Man. Love you. Thank you…

American Gun Owner Show

Do You Hate Being Falsely Accused?

There is a good reason folks like you and I hate being falsely accused. It’s a sin. The Bible and the Talmud teach it. Exodus 20:16 – “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Mechilta to Exodus 20:13 – One who bears false witness against one’s neighbor commits as serious a sin as…