You like the Black Man With A Gun Podcast right?  Do you like what I am working on here?

You want to help me financially keep it going and growing? You can help. It can be a one time donation of any amount, or a tiny monthly thing. You choose. It’s appreciated and needed.

You know that no hardworking, self respecting person wants a handout.  It’s hard to ask for money but this is the tip jar.  This is spot where I provide you the opportunity to contribute financially to my work.

One of the hardest things next to speaking publicly  is to ask for help.  I guess it’s hard because it is ongoing.  Just like shaving, no matter how good a job you did yesterday, you still gotta do it tomorrow if you want to look the same.  Maybe eating is a better analogy…

I pay for the rights to music I use on my show and try to sing, all for you.

My activism and activities also come from that pot of money if there is any.  And sometimes, when the need is great, I give it to friends in need.  (that might be bad business but… when it helps, I don’t care.





And here, you give whatever amount you want.


even if you decline, I still like you and think… you're amazing



And another option is as a monthly patron on the site.   You can contribute as a patron of the show and this site by pledging any amount on

Thank you very much,

Shalom, Baby!

Kenn Blanchard

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