These are patrons that are supporting this podcast and blog currently.  I couldn’t do it without them has been a long time supporter of my ministry and this podcast. 

 These brothers have been supporting almost as long:

  1. Derek G.
  2. David Z
  3. Jens G. 
  4. Anthony H.
  5. Thomas M. 

It has been so much appreciated.


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  1. Hello Ken –
    I’ve been listening to your podcasts for the last 6 months or so and appreciate your viewpoints and commentaries very much. I download your shows to my phone & listen while I work during the weekends at my second job & try to build my retirement empire. I also heard you mention that you are running for elected office in Maryland – Wish I lived there to vote for you!
    I donated before, and just now joined as a patreon member to help keep you going. Thanks for your efforts and please keep it up!
    Steve Funk

  2. Hi Kenn, I am a regular listener and have written before. I want you to know your points about what to think about before you pull your weapon were spot on, but with some good news: Anyone who keeps a gun within reach should get protection from Texas/US Law Shield, Second Call Defense, ACLDF, or USCCA. Without such, you may face life and financial ruin. Please help get the word out. Love the show and you.

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