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Want a Speaker for your Next Event?

He can inspire your audience. He can lift your spirit. He can encourage you to carry on a little further and provide you with the latest technical advice for making your small business more successful. He’s carried a firearm for a living. He’s overcome personal and professional obstacles. He is a ordained Christian pastor.

He would make an awesome speaker for your next event. To see his availability, call or email me at blackmanwithagun@gmail.com

  • Becoming a professional Firearms Instructor
    • Dealing with Different People
    • Understanding Diversity
    • How to Herd Cats/Train Tigers
    • Self Publishing Your Book
    • How To Stay Motivated
    • How to overcome failures
    • Men and Marriage
    • Being a Good Man.
    • Fatherhood

Travel and lodging from Baltimore, MD, to your location and $7 pp you expect to attend your event.




PO Box 2, Upper Marlboro, MD 20773




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One thought on “Speaker”

  1. Hey Rev, My name is Derrick I’m a longtime listener but never visited the website until Veterans Day. First I’d like to say thank you for your services. I’m writing you to also thank you about the advise you had given about being a Christian and gun owner a while back. I’ve been on the fence or a while about purchasing a firearm and to be ever more deterred I’m a DC resident, however in the height of this closing election and being a father of 4 daughters (which multiplies times 5 because all their friends call our house home too) I believe its time to protect my homefront. With that being said I’m not sure of proper proceedures to follow on top of all that the mpdc page is always down hmmmm. And I’m not sure of the reaction of me walking into a gunstore asking a lot of questions would seem right ….especially now! oh yeah sorry I’m black…..and Baptist too!! Lastly that speak at the National Press Club got me off the fence our house on any given day is like Grandma….right now as I’m writing their is my wife, daughters plus 3 more girls. Can you help me Thanks again ….gotta go beat everyone to the bathroom Lol

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