“Nobody who’s got your best interest at heart would ever demand that you be helpless.” – Joel

Let me say it again:  There is no such thing as a “gun free zone.”  They are only gun free until the wolf comes calling, and then they’re not anymore.  Signs do not stop bullets.  Neither do “no gun” policies.  Just ask management at the Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, Iowa.

Earlier today, one of their own security guards left the mall in order to go home and retrieve a gun, and then returned to the mall and used that gun to murder a fellow mall employee.


This is what a “gun free zone” looks like. (Adam Wesley/The Gazette)


Since the murderer worked in security at the mall, surely he was aware of the policy forbidding firearms.  Yet he willingly violated it once he had decided to murder.  This is my shocked face.


A murderer brought a gun into a gun-free zone?!


Would this have turned out differently if guns were not banned at Coral Ridge Mall?  Who knows.  But we do know for sure what happens in so-called “gun free zones.”  Psychopaths and murderers do as they please, and innocent, law abiding citizens die.

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