In this episode I just recap how I became known as the Black Man With A Gun from 1986 to now. I give a recommendation for a great source of information about the myth of Christian pacifism, a reminder to keep it real and many thanks for supporting me all these years. Because of the tragedy in Charleston, SC I received a lot of calls from media to appear. It’s been awhile since that has happened. I provide some of the links I found here. I read an article by David Cole on Charleston that is poignant and right on time.

Episode 433

Return of the Black Man With A Gun.

Sunday – Fox And Friends 
Monday – Washington Times
Tuesday- NRA NEWS with Cam & Company
               Andrea Traversa Show 
Wednesday – WBAL The C4 Radio Show
Thursday – WCBM – Baltimore

Get the book that started it all…

Here’s a really good source for Christian gun owners.  


Killing vs Murdering

Just a snippet from the show.

In California, for example, a homicide is justified (according to Penal Code sections 187, 196 and 197) if one of the following conditions is met: I remembered “187” from a Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre rap song back in the day talking about murdering an undercover police officer. I play a clip of in case you are unfamiliar.

A person kills someone accidentally
. A person is trying to defend him or herself and prevent his or her own murder (self-defense)
A person is trying to prevent someone from entering his or her house to commit some violent felony
A person is trying to prevent the murder of someone else (protecting an innocent)

In all these situations, killing is actually legal and justifiable, and exceptions of this nature exist in the Penal Codes of every state in America. Even those who don’t accept the existence of God or the authority of the Bible recognize the necessity for laws like these; laws that allow for deadly force to be used to accomplish some greater good.


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One thought on “Should We Arm Pastors?”

  1. Hey Ken!

    Thanks so much for all you do! Your “Should We Arm Pastors?” podcast was really great… packed with info! I was wondering if you could please pass along the written transcript of letter you read? There were so many points contained within it that I’d love to share with others.

    And yes, I appreciate your desire to “re-brand” and obviously that’s your prerogative, but I encourage you to keep on keeping on as Black Man With A Gun. Unfortunately, that message is needed now more than ever. In any event, in whatever form…

    God bless and keep up the good work!

    Have a safe and Happy Independence Day! God bless America!

    Michael Brechner

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