CLEVELAND, Ohio — Two 17-year-old boys are facing felony charges related to an armed robbery that ended in one of the teens being shot Sunday in the city’s Collinwood neighborhood.


The teens arranged to buy a man’s Xbox but instead forced him to hand over the video game system and his car keys. The teens fired several shots at the man, who returned fire and shot one teen in the shoulder, police said.


The 20-year-old man told police that he arranged to sell the video game system to the teens near the intersection of East 146th Street and Aspinwall Avenue.


The man and his 25-year-old friend went to the meeting point about 1:30 p.m. and asked the teens if they were there to buy the Xbox, police said.


One of the teens pulled out a gun and ordered the two men to get on their knees and empty their pockets, police said.


The duo stole the video game system, a wallet and a cellphone. They also stole the man’s car keys, and one of the teens fired several shots as they drove off.


The man returned fire and hit the teen who shot at him, police said.


Police found the stolen car and the two teens a short time later in the 1000 block of East 146th Street, police said.


No arrests have been made in the case.


The robbery happened less than two days after a man and woman were shot and wounded while trying to sell a $700 hoverboard in the parking lot of Hot Sauce Williams on Carnegie Avenue.


The 25-year-old man and the 21-year-old woman tried to sell the hoverboard via the cellphone app OfferUp about 11 p.m. Friday, police said.


No arrests have been made in that case and it is unknown if the two incidents are related.


Man selling Xbox in Cleveland shoots teen who tried to rob him at gunpoint, police say

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