Shoot Don’t Shoot U Decide

From Episode 233 of the Black Man With A Gun podcast, I posed a scenario in one of the popular features called “Shoot Don’t Shoot- U Decide,” that stated the following:

You carry concealed.  You come home one afternoon early and after opening the door to your home and throwing down your keys, you realize your house has been robbed.  The TV is missing.  Your furniture has been tossed.  Your bedroom has been ransacked. You hear a noise in the basement and naturally you proceed to investigate.  You draw your sidearm and cautiously walk down the stairs.  When you get down there you see the bottom half of a young man going through your basement window.

What would you do?


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16 thoughts on “Shoot Don’t Shoot U Decide”

  1. I wouldn’t shoot; I’ll only shoot to protect life or safety. 

    The legal answer may depend on your location.  In some states, you may shoot in protection or defense of property.  In my state, you may not, and shooting in this scenario would be legally (as well as morally, in my opinion) unjustified.

  2. First off, naturally you do *NOT* go downstairs to investigate – you see the house has been robbed, you get out and call 911.  Don’t touch anything so as not to disturb the evidence, especially doorknobs and other things the robbers have touched.

    But, that isn’t the scenario:  Don’t shoot!  The guy is leaving the premises – get a description, let him go and call 911.

    Like Tbalish said, it may be legal under a given state’s law to shoot trepassers (castle doctrine) or shoot robbers to protect property, but for me it isn’t ethical to use deadly force for anything other than protecting innocents from harm.

  3. I would not shoot. My life is not in danger and the thief is actively trying to get away from ME. Get the best description you can, dial 911.

  4. Supress the natural desire to blast someone. Not sure if the young man is comming or going in or out of the burgerlarized home, & nothing him about being armed, (disparity of force), so no AIMING directly at him, yet. He might have been a less than bright passerby with a concealed carry permit who noticed the burgulary and decided to play cop.
    Call 911 & also give them MY description so they know I’m not an armed perpetrator.  

  5. Definite no-shoot. Shooting a burglar as he goes out the window couldn’t really be defined as defense of property. The act had already been perpetrated and was no longer preventable. It would be no different than if you were to shoot him in the street.

  6. Of course I wouldn’t shoot.  I might hit my dog that would definitely be attached to his backside.  Kidding aside, I’d be surprised if you get any “shoot” posts.

  7. I would not shoot because the thief is leaving the premises with my stuff.  I would call 911 and try to get a description of him or her and let them handle it.  They have not threatned my life and I have insurance to replace the items they took.

  8. Tempting Pastor Kenn, but illegal to shoot on the facts laid out, and I would not.  I might grab him and try to hold him.  I hope not, because I’ve spotted him and he is no threat; it’s his drugged-up buddies I should be scanning for now.  No: he is a no-shoot right now.  Now, if I were to back out of the basement and do a quick recon around the house, and he came at me as he was leaving….
    Thanks for posting this and making us think

    1. MJ thank you for that response. Very thoughtful. I believe you are correct, tactically and morally. We need to have that same structure in our lives all the time. Anticipation, the long view. Not just the immediate threat, but the one a mile away (so to speak) and coming fast. We have the rare opportunity in history to seriously effect the “course of human events”. Wonder what we will do with this opportunity. It goes much deeper than the guy crawling out of  the basement window…or does it? 

  9. Being in Texas I could probably get away with shooting him under our extremely property owner friendly Castle Doctrine.  However, if he’s on his way out and no lives are in danger I would not shoot.

    If you look past the moral issue there are also the legal issues you will be forced to deal with.  Years ago I was falsely charged with a violent felony.  The ordeal I went through proving my innocence was something I will never again put myself through unless my only other option is being shot dead by a bad guy.

  10. I would not shoot, although I do believe it’s a bit of a gray area as we do have the castle doctrine. I would however keep aim on him and in as authoritative a voice as I could tell him to stop, that he is under citizens arrest.  Option 2, I might even make an attempt to grab his legs. Option 3, I might holster grab the largest object around and take his kneecaps out before he finishes crawling out the window. There are several things I might do, but shooting would not be one of them for me unless he turns around and is armed.

  11. Maybe I answered hastily in my no-shoot. Today, I would not shoot. If society collapses as I expect it will, there is no 9-1-1, and he’s made off with my family’s emergency food, then I shoot.

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