Rise Up and Fly To Arms – Pro-Gun Preacher from the 1800’s

Podcast Episode 510

Looking at our shared American heritage also known as Black History, I discovered a pro-gun Presbyterian preacher named Rev. Henry Highland Garnet (spelling varies) from the past.  In the tips segment we hear from Michael J. Woodland  on purchasing a firearm.  I found a book given to me by the author, Alan Korwin that you need in your library, After You Shoot and give a tip from it.

Black Man with a Gun: Reloaded

I want to share with you in case you didn’t know that I revised a book I wrote in 1999 and had this one published by white feather press called black man with a gun reloaded.  Its a behind the scenes perspective of my life as a gun rights activist since 1991.  It is personal, candid, and honest about the how I got here, who I have been influenced by and some of the characters in this community.  It also concludes with a glossary of terms and things every gun person should know that will help newbies in our community.

Go to amazon.com today and order a copy for yourself.  I am trying to break even with this thing and I need to sell 100 more copies.  If you don’t have one, or could afford a new copy go to http://book.blackmanwithagun.com  and the link will take you right there.

My friend, Alan Korwins’ book.



There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it. ~ Alfred Hitchcock


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