Rev. Kenn Blanchard – Challenging the Status Quo

Some people say they want to change things but most want keep the things the way they presently are.

I have tried many things online since my first website debuted in 1999. I learned most by trial and error.

I have been a gun rights activist since 1991. Talking about guns and the right to keep and bear arms has educated me more than you can believe. I’ve spoken in churches, halls, and recreational centers where there wasn’t a media presence, just hurting and confused people wanting to make sense of the loss of life that happens when people don’t realize they are free or when monsters act. I get it.

I went to Las Vegas in January 2016 trying to persuade the gun industry to invest in a new group. It was a bust but I did learn something from it. There is a need that connects and fosters the diversity of responsible gun owners in America.

I am fighting for the rights of all Americans. It’s not going to be pretty or easy. I understand what needs to be done. We all want the same things. I am recruiting friends I know with the unique talents and charisma to make this happen.

We are not begging. This is not just another group. Watch and see.

Welcome to the Gun Movement. Join us.

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