Remembering the Past and Preserving the Future [Podcast 508]

Remembering Roy Innis of CORE, the first African American board of director member of the NRA I ever met. Roy passed away in January 2017. I didn’t understand him and learned later how much of a leader and bad a@@ he was. There are quite a few notable people of color I want to name drop in this episode that i have met over the past twenty five years.

Michael J. Woodland talks about stippling. I got a chance to have a fun conversation that went all over the place with a woman from the UK, whose is now a friend, Victoria Knowles-Lacks. Thanks to introductions from my sister Barbara Baird of the Women’s Outdoor News and Women’s Gun Show.

Check out the video.

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Victoria Knowles-Lacks Director of the Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club UK
On Facebook as The Shotgun & Chelsea Bun Club, Instagram @ChelseaBunClub





Sentry Product Group introduces Lightweight Gun Protection

The Armadillo, a packable rifle, shotgun, AR cover, protects gun and optics from weather during outdoor excursions or hunts, transportation and storage.

“The concept came from a call with a customer whose slung rifle fell into the snow during an elk hunt,” stated Eric Yeates, Vice President Research and Development for Sentry. “While their Scopecoat cover kept the optic clear, they asked if anything was available to protect the rifle. We looked to technology from the apparel industry and created a lightweight product that would work with a slung weapon,” concluded Yeates.

Enter the Armadillo. A packable cover that accommodates Rifle, Shotgun or AR regardless of accessory configuration. Constructed of lightweight, water resistant material the Armadillo fits from muzzle to butt stock and works with all sling types, offering protection from the elements, even while shouldered. The stretch fabric and adjustable draw string forms the Armadillo to the weapons unique configuration. Once removed it folds to the size of a deck of cards for storage in the hunting vest or range bag.

While great for use in the field, the Armadillo also protects your valuable firearms and optics during transport and storage. The soft brushed interior eliminates friction wear marks in transport and eliminates collateral damage from exposed bolts, laser devices, optics and lights while retrieving, or arranging weapons in the safe.

Sentry Products Group, the industry leader in protection, transport and storage of optics extends its product line with the lightweight water resistant Armadillo.


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