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Thoughts about Reloading.

Where do you get your ammo?

Back in the day, I thought that all people that reloaded their own ammo were alchemist. I used to think folks that reloaded were some kind of wizards of the dark arts.

I was a little spoiled. My shooting career started in the military and then in the federal government were reloads were outlawed and ammo had to come from a GSA approved source for liability and relaibilty.

Back then, when I bought ammo from a retail store or range it was with gritted teeth. And then there was the time when there was a flood of ammo from the Chinese, Russian, and other Eastern bloc nations. The stuff was always risky and some of it was corrosive. I learned that all ammo was not created equal.

You could save a few pennies and sacrifice your firearm or life. I learned that good ammo is vital to your success as a marksman.

There is ammunition for practice, the range, self defense, and competition. Ammunition is important because some guns dictate what you run as well as have persnickety requirements for feeding, and extraction. Ammunition selection in competition is important for recoil and speed.

Competitions check your ammo before they allow you to use it for both safety and the power factor. The legal system and the Court checks your ammo after a lethal incident. Ranges check your ammo if they allow you to bring it to regulate for both safety and profit. These days, retail stores parse ammo out so everybody can get a little bit. Reloading used to be inexpensive like diesel was to gas but now not so much.
There are numerous online sources now, each has their pluses and minuses. I know of two and know there are more.

Lucky Gunner


So where did you learn reloading from? You had to learn from someone. A friend and fellow gun blogger I met a few years ago, is up next to talk alittle about reloading. Sean S.



History and the Present

If you were to look at the latest movies and listen to political pimps that have made it mainstream you would think all black people support gun control. Truth is there are a lot of us that hunt, shoot, and own firearms like you do. Truth is those of us that are part of the gun community have to do so with less support and no love from our own families, churches, temples and mosques. The truth is there has always been fighters, and abolitionist in the black community. You don’t hear about all the black people that fought against slavery because they were executed. Their names were not written in the history books that made it to schools. 

Race, and Divisiveness 

Then there are the pastors and leaders of the church that continually talk about gun owners as if they are the devil.  Recently, they have combined that ridiculousness by saying that it is the haters of President Obama, “the Republicans” and racist. 

If you are a black gun owner, it’s tough at home.  When I was a kid, my grandmother had a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus and Robert F. Kennedy on the wall in the kitchen.  Today, my great aunts have so many pictures and calendars of the Obama’s, one of my nieces asked over thanksgiving if they were related to us.  Brothers and sisters, we are in this thing together.  And to separate us even more, the powers that be, are throwing the sensitive and effective race card.  They are saying that white gunownership is because of symbolic racism.  Don’t fall for that.  You know all gun owners are not racist.  You know everybody black is not a thug.  You know that a nation divided cannot stand. 


If you are a person of color that fits into one of these categories I want to share a story with you.  We are in a culture that recognizes our plight but can’t do anything about it.  We are minorities within a minority.  We have a history with gun rights.  All the gun laws since 1632 originated with our ancestors.  You won’t hear too many politicians, political pundits, preachers or people in power support your right to keep and bear arms.  You, like women in this culture are more likely to be ignored in the gun shop if you are unknown to the clerks.  Unless your family owns the land you hunt on, you are alone most of the time in your endeavors.  Our families own the land for more than financial reasons.  There is still a fear that the justice system isn’t blind.  You can usually count the shooters that look like you in competition.  You can’t get your neighbor or friend to join you at the range.  You usually have to do a little internet searching to find a brother or sister to shoot recreationally with.  You know that if you live in the city, that the police chief, or entity responsible for giving you a concealed carry permit won’t.  

 Below is a bunch of crap passed off as fact.

“According to a Pew Research Center report the majority of white Americans support stricter gun control, but the results of our study suggest that those who oppose gun reform tend to have a stronger racial bias, tend to be politically and ideologically conservative and from southern states, and have higher anti-government sentiment.”

Over the past twenty years I have had an education into the psychology and anthropology of my people.  I won’t get into it all now, but from what I have found out, that I do want to share right now is that all the ones like you see competing, hunting, at the gun show, at SHOT show or on YouTube, are not enigmas.  What we are though are representatives of the people of color that would have been killed in the past.  Today they just assassinate our character by calling us violent, criminals, less than civilized, country, or Uncle Toms.  It is implied that we are prohibited persons.  That being pro-gun is uncivilized.   Let me know what you think of this episode.

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