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We live in an interesting time. We have so much but are sometime paralyzed by the options. What do we do next? If you read Twitter, you see a lot of rants, puns and complaints. If you listen to other gun podcasts, aside from the humor or review of the latest boom stick or hand cannon there is a lot of angst. There is a range of emotion. Not too many are living their dreams right now. We are all caught up in some stage of dissatisfaction.

Our inability to be satisfied with what we have stems from living in a time where everyone insist we need to keep buying more in order to be fulfilled. I saw “forget about it”. I think you might need to relax. Remember- what we now have was once among the things we wished for. Since there’s always someone who has it better, there’s always someone who has it worse as well. So just enjoy life, let things go.

Don’t forget to live.

On this show you will hear:

Shout outs and encouragement to all the listeners, supporters and family of the show.

Lenessa Terry premiers with an update about BlanchardOutdoors.com

Kenn explains that his work is done in the lone black man with a gun realm.


Interview with David Ridgway,

who is one of the two person team that is behind the Maryland Firearms Training Academy. As you’ll hear on the podcast the range will have a spacious, well-lit, soundproofed and ventilated shooting ranges; a room for private target practice; a VIP lounge with flat-screen TVs, leather chairs, chessboard and pool table; a bright retail store offering weapons that sell for thousands of dollars. He wants it to be a five-star, first-class facility.

David has been in the Maryland shooting community for decades. He was the treasurer of the Berwyn Rod and Gun club.

He hopes to open by late this year or early 2016 with at least five indoor ranges and 43 shooting lanes — including a 100-yard range for long guns — and a high-tech simulator room allowing practice with moving targets without live ammunition.

But first they need to raise $7 million, which they plan to do through a private offering of equity units to qualified investors. Ridgway said he believes it would be the country’s first gun range to be financed this way.

Depending on the offering’s success, the first phase of the project also may include a sixth range — a “shoot house.” The second phase also might include an air gun and archery range.

To make their dream a reality, the entrepreneurs decided to target investors through a private unit offering.

Investors can buy in for at least $25,000, but only if they qualify as “accredited investors” under U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules. That means showing net worth of $1 million, or $200,000 annual income for the last two years as an individual, or $300,000 for a married couple, and evidence that they will earn the same this year.

A $100,000 investor would receive a free three-year basic club membership; a $250,000 investor would receive a free five-year top-tier membership with no initiation fee.

They said the club would offer an array of memberships and allow nonmembers limited access to ranges, after a safety briefing. They have not worked out all the details, but they figure on three or four tiers between the lowest- and highest-priced membership.



Blanchard Outdoors.com

Lanessa Terry of BlanchardOutdoors.com gives an update on the plans for the show.

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Bones Hooks covers (who do you love- George Thorogood)


Happy Valentines Day. 







The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.

Audrey Hepburn



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