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The following are some the first videos I have had the opportunity to assemble.  The newer ones will become their own postings.

Ken Blanchard – Freedom from MG on Vimeo.

Still Airing…
It must have been a favorite of the show because this show rotates at least once a month on cable TV’s station known as TV One. I got the opportunity to be the official BAD GUY on Sharp Talk with Rev. Al Sharpton . Critic what you want but there are very few fights that a  pro-gun rights activist can have that will be tougher than this was.
Rev. Sharpton used to be  fervently anti-gun (at least when I met him he was) as were the other guest on that show, Liz Bishop-Goldsmith of Mothers Against Gun in NYC and “7 Dirty” (Marcus) a rapper from lower east side of NYC.
It was filmed in December 2006.  I didn’t do as well as I would have wanted to in defense of the Second Amendment but I held my own behind the scenes. They edited out when I got feisty. Once Rev. Al, left the set, I got a standing ovation from the crew and would have sold out of books (I did give one to Rev. Al).

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