Android or iPhone?

Smartphones have changed the way we communicate.

I use my phone for everything but talking.  What platform do you use?  I’ve become an Apple fanboy since getting into podcasting but I started off with the Windows world since back in the day of dot matrix printers and 2800 baud modems.

I want to to consider a app that I have that supports the podcast and gives you some extras.


The two popular smartphone operating systems are Apples’ iphone and  the Windows’ Android.  In an attempt to be more professional,  I have a App for The Urban Shooter Podcast available for Iphones and Android, for $1.99.  It’s a pretty “tight” App.  To get it developed I had to go into a   a partnership to make it happen– so don’t blast me for the cost.  A brother has to do what he can, you know to make it?


The App allow listeners to download more than one show so you listen to it on the go.   You can “star” a show, there are “extras,” there are links that take you directly to email me– if you wanted, and ways you can “Tell a Friend” about your favorite episode.


On the Extras, I have The Urban Shooter theme song, I had created and paid for, and there is even a funny PDF I have for you called “You May Be A Mall Ninja if:”


You can get yours here.  Thanks for your support and let me know what you think of it.


Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone on the Black Man With A Gun App. It’s free and you can follow Kenn Blanchard on social media with it.

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