Predators In Your Backyard

Recently in the Atlanta metro area, police were forced to shoot a tiger…yes, a tiger…after it was reported running loose in Henry County, and attacking a dog in a backyard.

“Why didn’t they just shoot it in the leg?

“Why didn’t they use a taser?”

“Why not use a bean bag gun, or some other less-lethal tool?

These are all things that no one said after a 400 pound tiger was shot and killed in a suburban Georgia neighborhood. Do you know why no one even thought to say anything like that? Because we all know, deep down inside, that there is only one way to deal with a stone-cold predator.

Before you accuse me of being mean or heartless, picture this: There is a real, live predator in your backyard. It will kill, without hesitation, to get what it wants. It is in your backyard, and your kids are in your front yard. What do you do?

And yes…this is a metaphor.


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