The Black Man With A Gun Show formerly known and still called the Urban Shooter podcast has been in existence since 2007.

This show is about guns, the history of gun control, safety, training, concealed carry with people making a difference. Rev. Kenn Blanchard provides inspiration, observations and conversation with great people.

He helps “you survive another week.”

It is weekly podcast that focuses on inspiring, informative and entertaining the people inside the gun community. The host, Rev. Kenn Blanchard has been a gun rights activist since 1991. He is a former pastor of a Baptist congregation in Washington, DC. He has been behind the scenes for many of the nations most influential gun issues since 1992. He is a USMC veteran, and one of the first African American firearms instructors in the office of security of the Agency where he was employed. Forbidden to divulge his intelligence training and affiliation, he became known as the “black man with a gun.” The name is to excite not to incite. Blanchard focuses on the human condition and the elements that make America a great nation.

He showcases and interviews the unsung heroes of our communities. Using the shock value of his name, he teaches and gives insight to the history of gun control so that all may understand our common struggles.

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