Podcast 465 – Campaign Promises, Concealed Carry, and Remembering Otis McDonald

Who would have known that becoming a gun owner would pull you into the ugly world of politics? Like it or not, you are a part of the conversation. They are talking about you. Mark James gives some answers to the questions and lies we hear during campaign season. Michael Woodland talks about Concealed Carry and I remember Otis McDonald, activist and plaintiff.


Mark James Says…Mark James says

I am listening to Presidential candidates talking about gun legislation and neither know what in the hell they are talking about.

1. We saw an alarming video this past week of criminals stealing guns from a gun store in Houston where they pulled the gates and doors off the front of a gun shop. A background check had no bearing on those stolen weapons. You want to reduce crime close the GUN STORE BURGLARY LOOPHOLE.

2. Now some people are talking about holding the gun manufacturers responsible for criminal acts. When a DWI driver has an accident and kills 10 people do we hold the auto dealer liable for the deaths of the passengers? The government of Michigan has just poisoned thousands of people in Flint Michigan with bad water, who has been held accountable? Who lost a job? Who went to jail? Now there is a place to look for accountability.
3. Again we are harping on the AR15 as the poster child for gun violence. All rifles combined hunting, sporting, what some call assault rifles account for LESS THAN 2% of ALL the MURDERS in this country. Please look up the FBI murder statistics for yourself if you don’t believe me. So why are people so fixated on the AR15. Real assault rifles (fully automatic weapons) have not accounted for a murder in the US in over 20 years. This is emotion driven feel good legislation which will have little effect on homicides in this country. While I am not a conspiracy theorist by no stretch of the imagination, but why does anyone need an AR15 for the reasons the 2nd Amendment granted. For those who will say the 2A talked about flintlocks not AR15s. Back when the constitution was written the flintlock was the AR15.

4. The issues around gun control sound almost identical to the rhetoric on get tough on crime and the subsequent bills to follow in the 90s that incarcerated hundreds of thousands of individuals for non violent crimes, created mandatory minimums and separated families and destroyed the family unit for no apparent reason. We are again talking about legislation which would have little to no impact on crime in America, only criminalize law abiding citizens in the process.
5. As for demilitarizing the police, that too is not understood. To restore trust in the community you have to get back to community based policing where there is connection with the communities they serve. You have to move away from the warrior mentality an get back to the protector mindset. Protecting and serving the communities you are responsible for.

Militarization has a place in policing, it is just not as a first line of defense in engaging peaceful protestors. If you talk about gang land task force, violent robbery suppression, raiding a pot farm in rural America or the Hollywood Bank Robbers you need militarized vehicles, tools and tactics. However the tools in absence of sound rational and the understanding of proper application is the problem not the tools. So again if you don’t understand the real issues or root causes how can your promote real change.

Hey but what do I know I am just a guy with some guns trained in violence mitigation. Still smh! – Mark James


I Remember Otis McDonald

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