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272 The Urban Shooter Podcast: Happy Fathers Day Men

This week on The Urban Shooter Podcast episode #272, Kenn Blanchard talks a little about his trip and experience to NYC to attend the blogworld new media expo. His featured guest is Dre from Securi.net, and he shares some tips on Concealed Carry and preppin for a evacuation. He wants a 300AAC blackout now and…

Spike TV and Pilgrim Films Now Casting

Spike TV is seeking competitors to survive the apocalypse

DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE? THEN SPIKE TV WANTS YOU!!! Nuclear war, terrorism, pole shifting, killer comets and tsunamis all have the potential to create national and worldwide disaster. Some even think the Mayan Calendar predicts the end of the world on December 21, 2012.   If you think you…


Guest Post: Preppin #2

Have a plan, …and the right equipment.   At some point as a crisis unfolds you may decide it’s no longer safe for you and your family to stay where you are. Formerly law abiding citizens have become desperate as supplies have run out and have begun to resort to looting in order to keep…

The Urban Shooter Podcast Leprechaun Target

The Urban Shooter Podcast #271 How To Satisfy a Woman

How To Satisfy a Woman This week, Kenn Blanchard shares the answers to his Question of the Week, AK or AR?, an article by a listener on prepping part 1, the Mayonnaise Jar, a new target, Blog World NYC, and the featured guest is blogger and Youtuber, Gun Noob.com.  And there are a few new…


Guest Post: Prepping

Getting Started…   The word “preparedness” conjures up different things, depending on who you ask. What are you preparing for?  A hurricane? An economic collapse?  Political upheaval? Whatever it is, you’ll likely be looking at logistical failure [food and gas shortages], a breakdown of municipal services [no electricity, water supply, or sewage removal], the consequent…