building a community

New Online Town

 Building a Pro-Gun Social Media Community I bought some territory out in cyberspace and now building a social media site, almost a mini-facebook for select podcasters and bloggers to interact with their fans. It will be a social media spot where they can build their own place with videos, forum, chat, etc without the ads,…

Police Range in Virginia from

Gun Ranges

New Ranges Beretta Gets Initial OK For Vegas Strip Gun Range Associated Press (NV) Officials say a high-end Italian gun manufacturer can move forward with plans to build a shooting range inside a Las Vegas Strip resort-casino. The Clark County Planning Commission earlier this week approved a permit for gun company Beretta, which plans to…

google and stewy

Googles Anti-Gun Stance Explained

 Googles anti-gun policy angers some in the Gun Community. Google threw a curve ball to some folks and got the gun community in an uproar to add to already flaring and raging tempers.  Truth of the matter is folks, don’t let the ranters get you upset. For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism. Don’t…

bar and grill

The Urban Shooter Podcast 276 – Too Hot to Rant

At the Club This week’s podcast is going to take you inside the nightclub of my imagination. It has been super hot on the east coast this week, and I am inviting you in to sit down have a drink on the house. Doesn’t matter whether it is Pelagrino, Perrier, or tap water. We have…


Leprechaun Part 3

You know it’s been awhile since I told you what happened to the Leprechaun. It’s been an ongoing issue. After the sheriff was killed. Most of the department arrived for follow up to my house the next day. All friendliness went out the window. I was taken to the courthouse for “questioning.” I am a…