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The Urban Shooter Podcast Episode 266

The gun podcast with zombies, leprechauns, and fun. House of the Rising Sun Kenn is back from his week off, refreshed and funky.  This is episode 266 although I said 267 on air.   Kenn Blanchard is back to share his experience at the House of the Rising Sun, changes to the website, formation of…

deer taken by D Brown 2011

Hunters in The City?

I just realized how screwed hunters that move into a city like Washington, DC are.  They just missed the spring turkey season and probably didn’t do well with our warm weather if they hunted this winter.  There aren’t as many hunters as there were when I was a kid.  Who supports you? I got this…

Kenn Blanchard on the National Mall

Secrets of Black People And Guns

A Candid Perspective of the Gun Community Several big names and even some bloggers I know have recently highlighted and asked the question about African Americans and guns.  The books, “Negroes with Guns” by Robert F. Williams (1968), “Black Man With A Gun” (2000), and “The Zen Of Gun Ownership” (2012) by Kenn Blanchard; and…

geometry parabola

What Shape Are You?

Parabola, shapes and our function.   Remember geometry class?  I do, and I sucked.  Swore off math as long as I could but stuff I should have learned then is coming back to me in a different way.  I learned about parabolas last week for the first time.  It’s that funny shape like a potato…

sw mp

S&W M&P For Sale

In this video, I am at Nova Armament, LLC gun store in Herndon, Virginia.  One of my favorite haunts now.  Its a cool little store in a historical little town of NOrthern VirginiA.  (NOVA)  Here Malcolm shows me a modern S&W, Military and Police pistol talked about often on the Pro-Arms Podcast by my friends. …