legally armed in detroit open carry dinner 2012

Legally Armed In Detroit’s (LAID) 2nd Annual Open Carry Dinner

You Are So Invited   In support of Open Carry, Gun Rights and Freedom everywhere, make it your business to be in MOTOWN for a history making dinner Monday, August 13, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (ET) Detroit, MI The Upper Room 23821 Grand River Ave Detroit, MI 48219     This…

Doomsday 2012

Preppin’ #4: Tying Up Loose Ends

Final in the series   The necessities of survival are:  Shelter, water, food, and safety/security.  In our “bugging out” article I failed to mention a vital necessity, a tarp, or some other means of cover from the elements.  Where I live there is a popular chain of hardware stores that sell olive green tarps in…

catfight on

Choosing Your Battles

It’s not just blogging comments but emails can set people off.  It’s really easy to write what comes of the top of your head, really mean what you write but not mean it maliciously.  But that is how it sounds to the recipient.  They go off on you. It’s a cat fight! There is fur…

Kenn Blanchard's 50th-birthday-cupcake

Turning 50 Is Not So Bad

Here’s your chance to show some love to the Black Man With A Gun on his fiftieth birthday. Turning 50 is kind of nifty When you consider the alternative. You’re not pushing daisies or feeding the worms, You still have a lot of life left to live. So make the most of your golden years,…

rick ector

Is Open Carry Dangerous For A Black Man?

Gun rights are civil rights.  Guns are not only for white North America.  There is some form of legal open carry in 43 states in the US for the law abiding.  It is an individual state’s constitutional provision that allows a law abiding citizen to do this.  And that person has to be willing to…