Colt 1911s For Sale

In this video, I am at Nova Armament, LLC gun store in Herndon, Virginia.  One of my favorite haunts now.  Its a cool little store in a historical little town of NOrthern VirginiA.  (NOVA)  Here Malcolm shows me a classic and more modern Colt 1911, .45 pistol.  I really like the updated version of this…

nova armament

Mossberg Shotgun For Sale

I am back at Nova Armament, LLC gun store and looking at the Mossberg Semi-auto Shotgun.  Here’s the third.  Big thanks to Malcolm for being my spokesman and letting me interview him.  We are starting to get into it now.  This is a Black Man With A Gun Media production supporting great companies. Blackmanwithagun.US Please…


Remington 870 For Sale

Feeling the love at at Nova Armament, LLC gun store.  These guys treat me great.  This show I am looking at the Remington Pump shotgun, all blacked out for law enforcement.  Malcolm and I are getting comfortable on camera now.  I felt good on this one. If you would like your business profiled or your…


What we fear most and how it is affecting us

Fear, Racism, and What’s Wrong   Many of my friends are on their way to the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting being held in St. Louis, MO this year. I can’t go this time for a couple of reasons or I would be there. I could use the laughs, friendly faces and sights of the…