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3 Gun News stories of armed citizens in FL, NY, and TX

  Defense of Home No law abiding person wants to kill but armed citizens are prepared and have a chance that non-gun owners don’t.  Politics are cute except when you are defending your family. Winter Haven Homeowner Fatally Shoots Intruder The Tampa Tribune (Fla.) May 27, 2012 Keith Morelli   Corrections Officer Shot Burglar In…

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Gun Rights Still A Mess in Maryland

The words gun and registry don’t bode well for gun owners.  It makes the hairs on our neck stand up.  Gun registration already occurs when you purchase a firearm; submit your name and biographical data to the FBI for a National Identification Check, the BATFE, and the store.  Registration of guns is anti-American.  It’s anti-freedom. …


Gun News After The Martin Shooting

NEWS After the wake of Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman tragedy where no one won, the country has become divided over the incident.  Kenn Blanchard shows news after the Martin/Zimmerman shooting continues to be made as people choose sides.   Gun News Stand-Your-Ground Law Looms Large In Phoenix Shooting USA Today May 26, 2012 Marisol Bello  …


Gun News Laws

News   Laws are still being created to change the freedoms of Americans that own guns.  Across the country, legislatures and politicians try to make a name for themselves by crafting bad laws.  Here are three links to the latest.     Louisiana Legislature Increases Jail Time For Guns Without Serial Numbers The Times-Picayune (La.)…

The Bistro The Golf Club

The Golf Club- South River – Excellent!

Edgewater, Maryland is the location of a intimate but classy bistro called the Golf Club at South River. The Mrs and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary there with a lunch.  During the lunch we met  executive chef  West and a host of staff that came over to congratulate us. It was more than I…