Preppin #3: The Tools of Security

Preppin #3:  The Tools of Security  What if the situation becomes dangerous for you and your loved ones?  You’ll need the means to defend yourself.  Since this article is written for a podcast aimed at gun enthusiasts I’ll assume everyone’s got their favorite firearms already, so I’ll just make a few suggestions for the newbie. …

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Women and Guns, A Few Questions

I, Kenn Blanchard am proud to say that the men that follow this blog and listen to the podcast are great. We of Team Testosterone (TT) are a law abiding, gun owning bunch that love women. We respect them. We especially like the ones that carry guns. That liking starts at a younger age now…

Bobbi Jo at the Blog World and New Media Expo 2012 with Kenn Blanchard

Blog World and New Media Expo, NYC Pt 2

On one of my breaks from talks at Blog World and New Media Expo I stumbled (actually I tripped) near a booth in the back of the exhibit hall with beautiful spokesperson named Bobbie Jo. The exhibitor was frantically trying to get his booth togther before the crowds ascended on him but I don’t think…

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Guest Post: LMS Defense

Customer appreciation weekend at LMS defense Part of a series on the importance of training. In case you have not noticed there are firearms training outfits all over these United States nowadays. Even in places which are not so friendly to firearms enthusiasts like California. The quality of these businesses varies widely, the top positions…

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Blog World and New Media Expo 2012 pt 1

I am going to chronicle a series of observations and opinions about my recent trip to Blog World and New Media Expo NYC 2012.  This is the first treatise. This conference opened my eyes to a few things nontechnical.  The best part for me is that I met some of the people that I listen…