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Gun News in the US, CA, and UK

Here are thirteen links for great gun news from around the nation, Canada and the UK, for your blog.   1.  NRA in self-defense mode over Stand Your Ground Tampa Bay Times (FL) The Buzz blog   2.  Fla. ‘Stand Your Ground’ task force has debate over what to do Associated Press (FL) Gary Fineou…

The Avengers

Kenn Blanchard’s Primer For The Avengers

A primer for  The Avengers, comics and trivia on the Avengers Comics.   My mother didn’t get it. My father thought I was strange. Comic books are  still making money. Just now, I am not getting any of the money. Here’s a primer for those that wonder what is The Avengers all about. The comic…

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It’s Just Business

Starting a Business in This Economy?   The world is the same, it is people that change. Unemployment is high. Folks with college degrees are saddled with school loans, and everybody that still has hope is looking to hit the MEGA-Millions. Except you. You want to start a business, don’t you?  You want to start…


NICS Check

Federal firearms licensed (FFL) dealers use the NIC system for gun sales.  How can we make it better?   The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is a point-of-sale system for determining eligibility to purchase a gun.  FFL holders (gun show retailers, firearms dealers and gun show sellers) are generally required by law to…

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Open Carry: Guest Post

Open Carry I love open carry, and wish I could do it.  I live in Texas and there is no open carry, yet.  More and more states across the country are approving open carry and people are taking advantage of it, some in good ways, some not so much.  I’m going to talk more about…