Third Eye Comics

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My Favorite Comic Book Store My son, started liking comics around the age of ten years old and it was cool watching him pick the same comics I read as a kid. That somehow was a fulfilling moment for me. Validation maybe, I don’t know but one of...
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Personal Security Tips From The Bible

Rob Robideau, Christian missionary, gun podcaster and friend is about to release a new book.   All the way from Katmandu, Nepal, I had the opportunity to talk with podcaster Rob Robideau about his upcoming book, “Tactical Bible Stories.”  Rob is a Christian missionary and gun aficionado.  He...
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Wounded Warrior Safari

Support   Had a good conversation on SKYPE with Britney Starr, of but lost all the good content on a mismanaged recording on my ipad. But I have the information right here just the same. Britney who is also a part of the Womens Outdoor Network want...
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Gun Owners of America Has a New Radio Show

bill frady
Bill Frady Couple of weeks ago I was asked to be a guest on the Gun Owners of America Radio newest show on CBMedia Network/Blogtalk Radio with my newest friend, Bill Frady.  Bill is a veteran conservative talk show host with the pipes of a real radio guy. ...
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Guns and Better Living

Zen of Gun Ownership
Zen of Gun Ownership Sitting in my two hour commute I thought about my book, The Zen of Gun Ownership, released on in January this year. After all the stress of wanting to publish something new since Black Man with a Gun, marketing is anti-climactic.  Like me,...
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Gun News May 17-19

news latest on kenn blanchard
The following seventeen links are to gun news articles from around the nation from May 17-19, 2012. 1. Protest over exemption from District gun laws The Washington Post May 19, 2012 Ben Pershing   2. Norton on House Floor Strongly Opposes Non-Binding Gun Resolution That Could Weaken Gun...
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Otis McDonald Speaks

Otis McDonald in Peoria
Otis McDonald addresses the NAACP in Peoria, IL Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog pulled my coat to this video of brother Otis McDonald’s communique with the NAACP on May 17 I told you about earlier. Seen here is also his nephew Rev. Frederick Jones. Otis McDonald was...
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Negligent Discharge

finger on the trigger
If your firearms discharges unintentionally, and you’re holding it, then it really isn’t an accident. There are usually more than one mechanical safety on your firearm that (1) you shouldn’t trust with your life and (2) should be engaged unless you are. And finally (3) Accidents can be...
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