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Ten Ways To Improve Your Relationships

How to Use Conversation to Improve Your Relationship   Every relationship has conflict — the key to improving your situation relies on your ability to listen and follow these steps: Make a date to talk about the problem, choosing optimal time and place. Ask questions about your mate’s thoughts and feelings first and throughout discussion:…

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DC Entertainment Creators Flock to Charm City for the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con

The Baltimore Comic-Con is happy to announce top creators from DC Entertainment who will be attending this year’s show, taking place the weekend of September 8-9, 2012 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Guests to the show include: Bernard Chang (DC Universe Presents); Cliff Chiang (Wonder Woman); Mike Choi (Demon Knights); Dan DiDio (O.M.A.C., Phantom Stranger);…


284 – Going through Changes Play in new window | Download The Urban Shooter Podcast episode 284 This week on The Urban Shooter Podcast, the Oracle AKA, the Black Man With A Gun, talks about changes.  I got the change to interview a pastor that lives in DC and just bought his first 9mm pistol.  Also some serious talk about…

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Pro-gun Videographer Needed

I need help from a friend armed with a video camera able to record and edit YOUTUBE sized video for me at SHOT Show 2013.  Need to know how much you would charge me for 2-3 days in LV to record interviews, products and my shenanigans.  May need you in DC area on a regular…