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Escucha Me

Listen To Me               I was told that when you turn 50 years old you should get your colon checked.  I just found out that you should also get your hearing checked.  Given the choice of procedures, I went for the ears.  Plus, I don’t know what they are…

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Cigar Care

Do’s and Don’ts Regarding Cigar Care   Below are a few Do’s and Don’ts to caring for and storing your cigars.  Cigar Do’s: •It is recommended to keep your cigar in a humidor at seventy percent humidity and seventy degrees Fahrenheit. •The humidifier of your humidor should only be filled with distilled water. •If you…


Freedoms’ Network

Today is the official launch of the Freedoms Network.  (August 1, 2012).  We launch today with just over 100 plugged in, in the know people, podcasters and bloggers already. Friends, countrymen, instructors, podcasters, bloggers, authors, philosophers, whatever– welcome. If you are a patriot and just like being around positive people, welcome.  It was created for…

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Cigar Sizes

Cigar Ring Sizes   Determining a Cigar’s Ring Gauge/Size The gauge of a cigar determines the overall flavor of the cigar. If a cigar is wide in diameter it will have a more full and developed flavor, while having a slower burning time. An example of ring gauge sizes can be seen to the right.…

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Which Cigar?

When you decide to try a new cigar there are almost too many choices.  Here are the basic types and most common handrolled styles with a little info about them for identification.     Cigarillos Cigar These small cigars, popular in Europe, are about the size of a cigarette. A Cigarillos Cigar has a smoking…