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As Batman Rises, Our Countenances’ Falls

 Spin I woke this morning to the news that a man had opened fire at the midnight premier of Batman Rises and killed a dozen people and wounded three times that amount. I ran to the window to see if my sons car was out front. He went to a show last night as well.…

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Urban Shooter Podcast 277, Who Chance Favors

This week on the show, I interview Dennis Bella of  I introduce Freedoms Network.US, Red House, Barbara Rants, I ask a question about what you thought of the UN issue with our guns, and just kinda mello– on episode 277 of The Urban Shooter Podcast.   French microbiologist, Louis Pasteur most famous quotes, “Dans…

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Chasing The Shiny

Social Media Cats Like a cat when it sees a laser light on the floor you pounced.  You saw the shiny thing so you logged into it.  You set up an account.  You even paid for 2000 “people” to up your “likes.”  Your business is rolling, right?  Nope.  OK.    I will create a blog of…

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What Emily Did

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.” –Hustle & Flow   Emily Miller is smart.  She is a Sunday school teacher.  She is easy on the eyes.  She is a journalist and resident of the District of Columbia.  She is the Opinion Editor…

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New Online Town

 Building a Pro-Gun Social Media Community I bought some territory out in cyberspace and now building a social media site, almost a mini-facebook for select podcasters and bloggers to interact with their fans. It will be a social media spot where they can build their own place with videos, forum, chat, etc without the ads,…