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Islam and Twitter

  My Understanding of Islam and More…   There has always been a lot of tensions around the world because of religion.  As I read the Twitter streams this week, I saw some ugly words toward followers of Islam, and religion and I thought I’d share my understanding...
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285 Fight The Power

The Urban Shooter Podcast #285: Getting Over Plateaus, Barbara Baird talks to SoundGear Hearing, Gun of the Week, FNP 45.  Bones gets funky with and Isley Brothers tune.  There’s a rant about gun people. And more…  “If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything...
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Pro-Gun People Get A Grip

I have some gripes about us.  Yes, you sitting back there with your head down reading the gun magazine.  I have never seen people more divided than a group of gun owners.  Here are my complaints and see if you agree with me. The black-powder pistol shooters are...
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Ten Ways To Improve Your Relationships

How to Use Conversation to Improve Your Relationship   Every relationship has conflict — the key to improving your situation relies on your ability to listen and follow these steps: Make a date to talk about the problem, choosing optimal time and place. Ask questions about your mate’s...
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Bring Sexy Back Fellas

Bring Sexy Back brothers with this new invention.   You know you want one. Consider subscribing to our http://podcast.blackmanwithagun.com https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/black-man-with-a-gun/id267726144 Please Share This Post...
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284 – Going through Changes

 The Urban Shooter Podcast episode 284 This week on The Urban Shooter Podcast, the Oracle AKA, the Black Man With A Gun, talks about changes.  I got the change to interview a pastor that lives in DC and just bought his first 9mm pistol.  Also some serious talk...
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