Otis McDonald in Peoria

Otis McDonald Speaks

Otis McDonald addresses the NAACP in Peoria, IL Rob Morse of Slow Facts Blog pulled my coat to this video of brother Otis McDonald’s communique with the NAACP on May 17 I told you about earlier. Seen here is also his nephew Rev. Frederick Jones. Otis McDonald was the lead plaintiff in the landmark Supreme…

finger on the trigger

Negligent Discharge

If your firearms discharges unintentionally, and you’re holding it, then it really isn’t an accident. There are usually more than one mechanical safety on your firearm that (1) you shouldn’t trust with your life and (2) should be engaged unless you are. And finally (3) Accidents can be prevented with training and good gun handling.…

sig airsoft

269 The Urban Shooter Podcast

POSITIVE THINKING.   Airsoft guns are serious now.  Barbara talks about some women from the west coast. Kenn says don’t focus on the negatives.  www.Facebook.com/urbanshooterpodcast members share tips for new shooters, and Hollywood called. Barbara Baird www.womensoutdoornews.com  talks about women of the Northwest Airsoft gets serious (http://NovaArmament.com) The Urban Shooter Van (Low Rider) Don’t dwell…


Kenn Blanchard on Positive Thinking

Negative Thinking. If you have been paying attention to the television or online news blurbs, there is a lot of negative crapola going on. We are constantly being bombarded with a lot of information about the deaths of celebrities, or their drug addictions, train wrecks, political debacles, tragedies from our many wars, and whatever the…