284 – Going through Changes

 The Urban Shooter Podcast episode 284 This week on The Urban Shooter Podcast, the Oracle AKA, the Black Man With A Gun, talks about changes.  I got the change to interview a pastor that lives in DC and just bought his first 9mm pistol.  Also some serious talk...
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Pro-gun Videographer Needed

I need help from a friend armed with a video camera able to record and edit YOUTUBE sized video for me at SHOT Show 2013.  Need to know how much you would charge me for 2-3 days in LV to record interviews, products and my shenanigans.  May need...
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The Urban Cigar

The Cigar of the Week This week is the Augusto Reyes “Urban” Cigars. Maybe I had a bad one but I didn’t like it. Unlike most people I have heard talk about it, it was the word URBAN and the graffiti font that made me try it. It...
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Gone Too Soon

I wept Friday night After I had uploaded episode 283 of The Urban Shooter Podcast I learned via a DM on Twitter from one of my friends that our friend Mark Craighead had died. Mark suffered a massive heart attack Friday at his home in Republic, Missouri. He...
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Bad Breath, Cigar Smoking

  Trying to keep you in the mix, cigar smoking, bad breath and my thoughts about them all. Poof be gone your breath is too strong. Wait come back you need a tic tac. Don’t meen to be mean but you need some Listerine, not a sip not...
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283 – The Urban Shooter Podcast

 The Naked City   Thanks for joining me again this week.  Going to talk about “entitlements” and set the stage for why I asked for your pet peeves.  To see what some of our friends wrote visit, see below.  Bones Hooks sings a Jimmy Ruffin favorite, Cigar of...
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Is Your Dress Belt Shrinking?

Gun Belts Baby! If your piece of apparel that separates your top from your bottom is a little tight, now is a good time to invest in a new one from http://Crossbreedholsters.com. They make good stuff and have three types of belts.  I like the western one and...
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Podcast #282

Against All Odds Despite a lack of a many things we persevere. it’s the American thing to do. This week, I tell what happened in Detroit, MI. There is a Cigar of The Week. Barbara is happy about the rebirth in the interest of the outdoors. I got...
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