Colorado Gun Laws

This week we are taking a look at Colorado. Colorado ranked only 37th on a 2015 Best States For Gun Owners list, which is a good indication of some of the bad news to come in this article. In Colorado there are stringent laws regarding magazine capacity, carrying...
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Dueling Guns Summit 24 October

In today’s world there are two very distinct cultures when it come to guns, there are those that are in favor and those that are not. One is rooted in a strong historical past that gives defense and ratification in the beliefs and the other in fear, or...
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We live in troubled times and see it every day, on the news, in our cities, in our neighborhoods, and even in our families.  Truth be told, troubled times are nothing new, I still remember in the 80’s when a young man was killed just because he wore...
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Self Defense as ‘natural born’ Right

  Constitutional carry gun laws proliferate as states embrace self-defense as ‘natural born’ right – Washington Times Dave Boyer got some common sense stuff published in the Washington Times on Monday, October 3, 2016 about Constitutional Carry in Missouri. He wrote:   Amid the rising number of Americans...
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Gun Laws: Illinois

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Gun Law weekly. Before we jump into this week’s State, Illinois, we’d like to quickly address that there were a few errors in last weeks’ article about gun laws in Texas. Thank you readers’ for pointing out those errors and this...
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Dress To The Nines [Podcast 492]

kenn blanchard, marcus weldon, Rick Ecktor
This week on the Black Man With A Gun Show Podcast I have a conversation with Marcus Weldon, a man I met for the first time in Tampa, FL at the 2016 GRPC, who had a brush with death, and the criminal justice system, which is almost the same...
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