Where there is unity, there is strength.

The Next Thing

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to enroll in a broadcasting school. It was a media incubator that I had hoped would launch me into a new career of Voice-Over acting, commercials, and possibly radio. I had hoped to at least be a sought after talent for answering machines. It went bust and I […]

Gun Rights Advocate Podcast

I just want to thank Mark Vanderberg again for inspiring me to do this podcast. I had tried it before with one called Black Man With A Gun LIVE! but wasn’t as focused as I am now. If you haven’t heard Marks’ Gun Rights Advocate Podcast, please add it to your list of favorites. What […]

Show #3- For God & Country

This is one of the occasions when you experiment and try new things. This show is the longest at 21 minutes long and contains a couple of monologues and a track from my CD the Pistol Packin Preacha. Please let me know what you think about the show. My mind is cooking with ideas, don’t […]

Who loves you, Baby?

Well, I am up and running finally and I thank you for checking US out. I know urban sounds like you have to be a person of color but it doesn’t. If you live in the city, you know the days of going out back and plinking in your backyard are over. Every year there […]

Going on a diet

This is not bragging, and definitely not a boast but my waist is expanding like hot butter on breakfast toast. Over the weekend I contemplated what to do with two exotic skin dress belts that I cannot wear right now. Auctioning them on Ebay® came to mind but not right away. There was hope somehow […]

Show #2 -10 minutes

This show is an informative resource for prospective gunowners in Washington, DC that want to own a shotgun or rifle. It provides for the first time in history with the actual instructions on how-to do it legally. If you live in an urban areas that prohibits firearm ownership to the law abiding, send me a […]

Urban Shooter Podcast

I’ve had more technical difficulties putting this together than I have had in a long time but the first installment of the Urban Shooter is up, please check out the new blog and podcast. http://feed.urbanshooter.info and http://urbanshooter.blogspot.com It’s tight, but it’s right! Kenn Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone on the Black Man […]

First Show #1

Welcome to the show notes of (the Urban Shooter) TUS. I am having a time right now with godaddy.com trying to set this thing up but I am sure it will workout eventually before I get much grayer. The first show features a brief introduction, some personal bits about my life as a father and […]

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