Where there is unity, there is strength.

College Night #2

Last night, I left my “nine to five” and took a journey in the height of rush hour to speak to the College Libertarian, and College Republican clubs of Towson University. The theme was called the Gun Rights Extravaganza and I had the distinct pleasure of being the featured guest. The event was held in […]

College Night

Join me for the first personal appearance of the New Year at Towson University in Maryland as I am the featured speaker for a joint collaboration of the College Libertarians and Republicans of Towson’s Pro-Gun night. They are going to first view, Larry Elders “Michael and Me” and then have me present. I will record […]


Harriet Tubman is credited to have said, “I would have freed more people if they knew they were slaves.” I am learning that as many as 95% of the people in our lives that are begging for help now, especially relatives are their own worse enemies. They are sending out an SOS signal which may […]

Year of the Pig (boar)

February 18, is the Chinese New Year. This year the symbolic animal is the Boar. (pig) Gung Hay Fat Choy!   African storyteller and Greek slave Aesop told a story about a wild boar and a fox that for me reminds me to get better prepared in this New Year. THE WILD BOAR AND THE […]

Happy Valentines Day & Show #4

Show number four is up and ready like a podcast on Viagara. Love and Sex is the theme for this Valentines Day message. I added a bit of innuendo and suggestive audio that I hope warms you up this cold and snowy winter (if you are listening to this anywhere close to Washington, DC and […]

The Next Thing

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to enroll in a broadcasting school. It was a media incubator that I had hoped would launch me into a new career of Voice-Over acting, commercials, and possibly radio. I had hoped to at least be a sought after talent for answering machines. It went bust and I […]

Gun Rights Advocate Podcast

I just want to thank Mark Vanderberg again for inspiring me to do this podcast. I had tried it before with one called Black Man With A Gun LIVE! but wasn’t as focused as I am now. If you haven’t heard Marks’ Gun Rights Advocate Podcast, please add it to your list of favorites. What […]

Show #3- For God & Country

This is one of the occasions when you experiment and try new things. This show is the longest at 21 minutes long and contains a couple of monologues and a track from my CD the Pistol Packin Preacha. Please let me know what you think about the show. My mind is cooking with ideas, don’t […]

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