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Catalyst MOD 1 Magazine Release Extender

For those of you who follow my feeds on Facebook and google+, you know there is a big event called the Alabama Sectionals that I will be participating in. For the past year of shooting within the USPSA, there have been a few lessons I have learned from the rules of the sport, as well…

creepy campus

Theory Versus Practice on College Campus

Many of those in higher education have a difficult time accepting the fact of self-defense. Academia wants to live in a world of its own. Theirs is a world surrounded with plastic warning signs that say, “no rape”, “no robbery”, “no guns”. In short, they want to live in a world where problems don’t exist. The latest trend in college politics is to treat sexual assault as a “college matter” and to exclude law enforcement and the criminal justice system.


Podcast 416

Dr. Z interviews firearms trainer, Ms. Tiffany Johnson from Rangemasters Range in Tenn. Kenn delivers an inspiring and motivating speech to encourage you to kick butt and take names with your life. Things aren’t perfect but life is good. Focus on the positive.