Guilty Until Proven Innocent

The author of “I still dream out.” published in 2013 shares some sage advice in her first contribution to Black Man With A Gun. She says “There are so many laws hanging over us now and so many people with the right to enforce them, it scares me. What used to be worked out between two people one on one has now become a race to call 911 to see who can get who in trouble first.”


The Ten Commandments of Hunting Safety

It is really easy to forget things that are common sense. You know that “common sense is not as common as it used to be.” Here are ten points to remember as you start your season of enjoyment with nature, harvesting and tracking game. I call it the Ten Commandments of Hunting. Enjoy. If you have more to add, please share in the reply.

polaris atv

Whats on your ATV?

We are now into full on hunting season for most hunters.  I just want to take a moment to share this little bit of information based on my personal experiences.  Keeping a small battery charger on your bike every weekend will give you the reassurance that when you’re ready to hit the woods for that big…


Zombie Hunting Season

Episode 393 of the Black Man With A Gun Podcast talks about hunting, a futuristic rifle, zombies and what I learned from it and a fun conversation with Barbara Baird from Womens Outdoor News. Links to MD, VA and WVA hunting references in PDF. Thanks to supporters of the show