How To Predict The Future

Kenn Blanchard at Thundershot studios
  This blog has been around since 2006. The url since 1999, believe it or not. I have interviewed over 200 amazing people on the podcast that is getting close to its 500th episode and over 1.6 million downloads.  That is a lot of stuff for a once...
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A Good Smoke

Blanchard Cigar
When I was in New Orleans, LA a few months ago I discovered a cigar that I really enjoyed. Would you like to try one? I am commissioning the folks that make them to do so for us. It is 60 x 7”, Nicaraguan Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro cigar.  ...
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Wisconsin Gun Laws

wisconsin map
This week in our weekly gun law post we turn to Wisconsin. Wisconsin rates well in terms of firearm possession rights. Generally, anyone who is 18 years of age or older and does not have a criminal record or is found mental impaired, is allowed to purchase a...
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Roll Up Your Sleeves

It looks like November 8, 2016 is going to go down in history as…well, a lot of things. But it will certainly be remembered as a day when we got just a little more breathing room in the battle to preserve gun rights. Breathing room.     Donald...
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Politics, Yuck [Podcast 496]

Politics, Yuck
This last two years of campaigning uncovered and profited from America's fears. You have to recognize when you are being played a little better. Folks have been pandering to the "so-called" minorities since the term "carpetbagger" was popular. In this gun community it is divisive and it shouldn't be. We are on the same side.
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Utah Gun Laws

This week we turn to Utah. It is a gun friendly State and recognizes nearly all legal permits from other states as well. This is especially useful for concealed carry permits, which is the only required permit a gun owner must get in order to carry a handgun...
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Armed Citizens Shoot Burglar, Clown and a Son

armed citizen stories
Homeowner shoots, wounds would-be burglar – Houston Chronicle By Dale Lezon Police arrested a 39-year-old man Monday night after a homeowner shot and wounded him while he was trying to break into a house in north Houston, officials said. Kenneth Wayne Shepherd is charged with attempted burglary of...
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