Podcast 434 – Just Because You Can Podcast: Play in new window | Download Happy Independence Day July is finally here and on the East Coast it has been a wet one. In this episode Rob Morse shares this weeks topical news, and I share a article from about the National Firearms Act (NFA). Revolvers are still cool and I…

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Should We Arm Pastors?

In this episode I just recap how I became known as the Black Man With A Gun from 1986 to now. I give a recommendation for a great source of information about the myth of Christian pacifism, a reminder to keep it real and many thanks for supporting me all these years. Because of the…


What Are They Pulling?

Its 2:40a.m.. You’re in la la land counting sheep. Does anyone do that anymore? Of course not, this is suburban America in a sleepy neighborhood. You’re counting how many overtime hours you need to buy that sweet new ride you were eyeing the other day. Blam! A boot crashes your bedroom door down. Flash bangs…

Charleston Shooting (5)


So much has been written about the Charleston murders over the last week I’m not sure that I can add anything of value…but here goes.  I will not print the murderer’s name here.     I think that if there is any one thing to take away from this incident, in terms of gun rights,…


When Good Men Do Nothing Podcast: Play in new window | Download Podcast Episode 432:   We live in a time when some folks think everything you can do legally is right is good and it is not. There is right and wrong still. We live in a time when killing people is entertainment you buy for your video…