Long May She Wave

Who loves you, Baby?

Well, I am up and running finally and I thank you for checking US out. I know urban sounds like you have to be a person of color but it doesn’t. If you live in the city, you know the days of going out back and plinking in...
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Going on a diet

This is not bragging, and definitely not a boast but my waist is expanding like hot butter on breakfast toast. Over the weekend I contemplated what to do with two exotic skin dress belts that I cannot wear right now. Auctioning them on Ebay® came to mind but...
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Show #2 -10 minutes

This show is an informative resource for prospective gunowners in Washington, DC that want to own a shotgun or rifle. It provides for the first time in history with the actual instructions on how-to do it legally. If you live in an urban areas that prohibits firearm ownership...
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Urban Shooter Podcast

I’ve had more technical difficulties putting this together than I have had in a long time but the first installment of the Urban Shooter is up, please check out the new blog and podcast. http://feed.urbanshooter.info and http://urbanshooter.blogspot.com It’s tight, but it’s right! Kenn Consider subscribing to our http://podcast.blackmanwithagun.com...
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First Show #1

Welcome to the show notes of (the Urban Shooter) TUS. I am having a time right now with godaddy.com trying to set this thing up but I am sure it will workout eventually before I get much grayer. The first show features a brief introduction, some personal bits...
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Urban Shooter Returns

This week I will launch a new podcast called the Urban Shooter. It will be an extension of my website, blackmanwithagun.com. I am hoping it will do what I was born to do, teach, entertain and enlighten more people about the shooting sports, American history and firearm safety....
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P’s & Pods

When you see a duck gliding across a pond effortlessly making a triangular wake from its little feathered body, few realize how much that little bird is doing. Beneath the surface of the water, past bass, pike and pickerels with dreams of being a great white shark, over...
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Clean Up Your Id

It might be time for a bath. Hygiene is important for your overall well being. We sometimes carry a little too much bacteria on us or in our clothes to notice that we have an unpleasant odor. Your nose can deceive you. You might be stinking. Our minds...
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