Long May She Wave

Show Numero 8

This week’s show is 40+ minutes. I am not sure if the length of the show matters to anyone yet. I would like to know. A lot is going on in my life but so far I have managed to upload the shows consistently a couple of times...
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Posturing Proponents of Prohibition

With the recent hits to the blogosphere and other media about the proposal to change DC Gun Laws I expect to see posturing from those that use the term civil rights activist as a ticket onto my television and into the press. Be on the lookout for the...
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Show # 7

I realized last night the broadcasting is more than some idiot blabbing and some one listening. The blabbler must not offend the sensibilities of the listener either in diction, prose or form. I also realized that there is an art to mixing audio. My hat goes off to...
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DC Gun Ban Decision

This is breaking news for both DC residents and Chicago. Don’t go downtown yet to get your handgun permit yet. Details and what all this hoopla is really about to come! Kenn BREAKING NEWS -- Divided three-judge D.C. Circuit holds that the District of Columbia's guncontrol laws violate...
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Show #6

This week’s show is a survey of where I have been up to this point. This show features the first report from the field on the happenings in your area. Frank from Cleveland, OH reports on the legislative moves as well as a brief interview about himself. You...
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The grass is always greener behind the outhouse.

I think blogging and podcasting are fertilizing the grassroots movement of pro-gun community. It’s coming at a time when Regular Joe’s like me can produce their own media. We always had the brain power just not the resources to share information as much as the internet has afforded...
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Love is…

Love is one of the simplest of actions, emotions, topics and expression but it is complex as the design of a snowflake. Love is sacrificial. It is not lust, more than adoration and appreciation. It is more than duty, and more than commitment. Those things happen sometimes with...
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Show # 5

Show number five is uploaded and out. It’s a bit longer than the other four and has my usual list of “flubs”. For example, I say it is show#4, which in the strictest sense it is for the Urban Shooter but when you add the Black Man With...
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