Origin of Gun Control in the Cities [Podcast 516]

When I started looking at the history of gun control I found that it was tied to so many other parts of our lives. There is a connection between gun control in the city and Black America, Irish, and Italian immigration. Lynching is the horrific practice of vigilante executions. The largest group ever hung at one time were Italian immigrants in New Orleans. In this episode I share that along with the rise of the Mafia, he origin of the National Firearms Act, Prohibition, the Great Depression and I have a conversation with Tony Simon and his efforts to bring the Second Amendment to more people in NJ. Michael J. Woodland reviews a American Gunsmithing Institute course. I talk about the importance of media and crafting YOUR message and how diplomacy is important to me. Thank you for supporting me on http://patreon.com/blackmanwithagun


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