Oh, Mama this is good!

I just got the opportunity to sample a bag of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.  It is premium.  I see why 80% of it is exported to Japan and used in some liqueurs.  I actually learned that there are really Blue Mountains to the south of Kingston, Jamaica.  They are some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. 

After you open the sealed bag, the aroma smacks you in the nose.  It is consistently, aromatic, smooth from the smells to the taste.  It’s the best coffee I have ever had.  I didn’t even know there was a difference.  I grew up poor and has happy when grandma let me drink instant. 

I thought all coffee was the same, as it was used to warm us up as “Lifer Juice” in the Marine Corps.  It used to be free at gas stations and waiting rooms.  All coffee is not created equal.  If you like brewing your own, savoring the process and receiving the reward of a creamy, mild coffee first thing in the morning.  This is the stuff you want to wake up to

I’d wish they’d consider sponsoring me.  I would promote Blue Mountain Coffee like a fiend.

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One thought on “Oh, This is Good Coffee”

  1. Kenn,
    Expect a shoe box-sized package between now and Christmas with some other outstanding beans from a coffee company here called Peets.
    and remember-
    F riends don’t let
    F riends
    D rink
    S tarbucks

    West Coast Dave

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