No Magic 8-Ball

Remember the “Magic 8-Ball”? Just ask a question, give it a shake, and peer into the window for the answer. It’s a fun game, but as far as I know, the old Magic 8-Ball has never successfully predicted a mass shooting. It would be nice if we had a dependable predictor, but it just doesn’t exist.

So here we are, right on the heels of the Las Vegas shooting, with yet another mass murder making the news. This time at a small church in a small town in Texas, and we once again hear the too-familiar words. “I never thought something like that would happen here.”

But you know what? No one ever thinks it can happen where it does, when it does. It is always a surprise, because the mass murderer gets to choose the time and place of his attack. And let’s be honest: If anyone really believed that their church, or school, or workplace, or any other gathering they were attending were going to be attacked, they simply wouldn’t go. This is precisely why schools lock down or close for the day when some 9th-grader scribbles a note or makes some vague threat on Facebook. Simply the thought that there might be an attack is enough to cause them to close the doors, so what do you think would happen if anyone truly expected an attack?



So if we accept that it is impossible to predict the time and place of such an attack, then what? If there’s no Magic 8-Ball to tell us when to stay away from work, or school, or church…what do we do? I believe that since we can’t know in advance when evil may visit us, the only answer is to be prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones, all the time. Do your part to make sure that wherever you happen to be such evil cannot do its work unopposed…simply because you are there, you are armed, and you are prepared.



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One thought on “No Magic 8-Ball”

  1. Whenever my friends or acquaintances tell me “I just carry my gun when I think I may need it” I reply “If I really thought I would need a gun I would stay home that day.”

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