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I’ve been a firearms instructor since 1986. I’ve been an activist since 1991. I’ve founded the Tenth Cavalry Gun Club that has continued and done great things.  I’ve testified before state representatives of Virginia, Texas, Wisconsin, Maryland, and South Carolina to reform concealed carry laws. I’ve spoken before groups in South Carolina and Texas. I’ve been in three documentaries. I’ve debated anti-rights people on television, radio and in churches. I’ve walked the halls of the US Congress talking to senators about the right to keep and bear arms. I’ve published books, and an audio CD (Pistol Packing Preacher) .   I’ve had a website showing support for freedom since 1999 ( . I’ve been at blogging and have a successful podcast called The Urban Shooter.

So what is next?

I am working on the video series I call the American Gun Owner. Some of my friends want me to go straight to television. Cable television would be awesome but a big whale to harpoon. Like the publishing market that has been swallowed up by the bigger fish, the shooting community is going through something.

I am going to start off using YouTube as big and professional as I can– instead. I’m not the only Black Man With A Gun™ anymore (Praise the Lord) but I am your friend and brother from another mother and will need your support though. I’ll need you to subscribe, share and support this project as it gets off the ground. Those that know the words of prayer, pray for our success.

This is my video. It is still in the approval process. I am trying to get money to buy some editing software until I get a real camera crew, some lighting to turn a spot in my basement into a studio and just encouragement that this will be entertaining, and fun to watch.

*I actually have a dynamite professional studio anxious to help me do this for cable but they are 10X more expensive than I have faith in myself for. I want to work up to that level.

After twenty years on gun rights activism and meeting so many people in the industry and right to keep and bear arms world, I have made enough contacts to think I could put together an interesting show. My fledgling company, the Blanchard Media Group is in the beginning stages of outlining, and planning this show with podcasters, trainers, everyday people that you may have not have heard of that are involved in the shooting community and making a difference, even the occasional imprudent opposition. It’s a lifestyle show. I want to include all the stuff you don’t see anywhere else.

If you would like to support the American Gun Owner Show, you can here.

Get the podcast delivered directly to your phone on the Black Man With A Gun App. It’s free and you can follow Kenn Blanchard on social media with it.

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2 thoughts on “Next: American Gun Owner Show”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Its good to know that there is someone willing to fight for our rights to keep guns for our protection! Keep up the fight brother! Crowdfunding is another effective way to easily raise funds and more people are benefiting from it everyday. Check out crowdfunding platforms like to learn more about its benefits.

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