Building a Pro-Gun Social Media Community

I bought some territory out in cyberspace and now building a social media site, almost a mini-facebook for select podcasters and bloggers to interact with their fans. It will be a social media spot where they can build their own place with videos, forum, chat, etc without the ads, distractions and unwanted stuff from the status quo.


Inviting positive people that I have worked with in the past that I want to be in my town. It is my hopes that the community that they bring is a place folks will want to live online in.


Going to have a professional podcasting coach that I have used to share secrets and teach stuff when you need it. Gotta another friend that is good at WordPress and he will be available to offer his services to you. We will all be a part of this little community. It will be a mall of sorts. Got a few stars already onboard.


For the podcasters and bloggers: It won’t replace your blogs, or sites but will be like a satellite office where you you operate from there. Even your latest feeds can be read there.


It’s a mega forum in some aspect and small social site in another.


I am super excited and afraid at the same time.


You’ll hear more about it from the individual bloggers and podcasters you follow. We’ll have a big launch schedule after we get the place ready.


stay tuned.

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