New Concealed Carry Gun From Springfield Armory

New Four-inch Barrel EMP® Improves Concealment With Contoured Frame


Springfield Armory® announced the latest member of the world’s most elegant concealed carry pistol family. Designed for those who emphasize discreet concealed carry, the new EMP® Lightweight Champion™ with Concealed Carry Contour includes a frame shaped for optimal comfort and concealment.


The all new EMP® 4” Lightweight Champion™ with Concealed Carry Contour model extends the EMP® lineup by combining a longer barrel with a frame trimmed for maximum concealment. The new bevel cut on the mainspring housing provides two vital functions that improve both handling and concealment. The rounded contour molds to the shape of the shooters hand, preventing “palm bite” and making the most shootable pistol ever even easier to control. To improve carry discretion, the contoured shape helps to prevent snags during the draw and virtually eliminates the telltale bulge under a cover garment. Now, the EMP® is easier than ever to conceal.


“Customers and industry veterans alike have responded so well to the EMP® family that we’ve decided to focus on providing new models for a variety of concealed carry priorities,” stated Springfield Armory® CEO Dennis Reese. “Everyone’s priorities are different, so we wanted to find ways to meet customer needs without sacrificing the core features that make the EMP® family so popular.”


Back in 2007, the original Springfield Armory® EMP® set a new bar for quality, performance, and style. Combining the near-perfect ergonomics of the time-tested 1911 design with a new patented short-action, the original EMP® redefined what a carry 1911 could be. Among the community of those who know, it has earned a reputation as one of the most shootable compact pistols ever.

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