Nevada is a good state for gun owners. It doesn’t require purchasing licenses or registering of firearms. It does have a concealed carry permit that is necessary to carry a handgun concealed but don’t worry, Nevada is a shall-issue state so obtaining one is easy. Open carry is generally legal but persons should take caution and read up on these laws, especially laws concerning carrying in vehicles. As long as federal laws are followed there is nothing specifically in Nevada legislature that prevents people from purchasing machine guns, antique weapons or accessories like silencers. Nevada does not have any laws specifically regulating unsafe handguns and does not require gun owners to lock their weapons in secure weapon storage. However, there are child access prevention laws in Nevada where if a child accessed a weapon, if the parent/guardian had secured it in secure weapon storage they will not be found guilty of a class B felony whereas otherwise the fault may lie on the parent/guardian.

Relevant child access laws can be read in Nev. Rev. Stat. Ann. 202.300 and 41.472.


While no license to purchase is required in Nevada and there is no firearm registration Nevada does make it slightly harder for private sellers by requiring a background check to be done for private deals as well as licensed ones. This law is very new as it was voted in November 2016 and is set to be effective January 1st 2017. Nevada is a point of contact state and the background check will be run through the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Holders of concealed carry permits that were obtained after July 1st 2011 do not have to have a background check done for purchases. There is no imposed waiting period before handing over firearms and there is no limit on the number of firearms that can be purchased at one time.


Concealed Weapon Permit

It is fairly straightforward to obtain a concealed carry permit in Nevada. One must be eligible to purchase firearms generally, be over 21 years of age and show competence through training in operating the type of handgun they wish to get a concealed carry permit for. Sheriff’s hold power to also issues temporary permits under special circumstances. Permits are valid 5 years from the applicants’ nearest birthday.


Miscellaneous Laws

These are a selection of unique laws found during the research that may be of use to you depending on what firearm activities you engage in. Most have been taken from the NRA and originate from several different parts of Nevada law. It is advised that you double-check that these laws are applicable to your circumstances by reading through the section that pertains to your field of interest.

It is unlawful to:

  • Set up a spring or trap gun.
  • Discharge a firearm into any dwelling, vehicle, aircraft or watercraft.
  • Change, alter or remove the serial number from any firearm.
  • Hunt from an aircraft or motor driven vehicle, including snowmobiles.
  • Sell or purchase ammunition that can penetrate metal and be fired from a handgun.


This article is part of a weekly series overviewing basic gun laws in different States. Like all laws these are subject to change. There may also be county and city laws not covered in this article that change your ability to carry, transport and otherwise possess your firearm.


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