How many of us have debated which is better? There are those who don’t know, and those without opinion.  Well let’s dive in deeper and find out what others think and compare the results.

All of my friends know that I preach M&P, and owning a few is evident of that. Don’t get it wrong, when I first shot a Glock, my reaction was pure amazement. The first time I fired a Glock was while deployed to Afghanistan, and I was awarded the German Schutzenner. This is nothing more than a foreign award that American Soldiers can wear on their uniform after showing proficiency with the German Army weapons. There is a laser training aid from the guys at Next Level Training that houses a Glock, which is my possession. For me it was never a question of which was the ultimate gun between the two. My reason for not leaning more to Glock is the grip is made too thin for my taste, as well as not being particularly fond of the sight system, or the limited beaver tail on the rear of the grip. A few Soldiers who serve with me say the opposite, and I have to respect their decision.  When you run the two side by side, there is really a slight variance that separates the two. My brothers in arms who are partial to Glock say different.  SGT Stephens from Ft. Campbell stated that he favors Glock for its thinner grips because he has smaller hands; it gives him that hold he feels comfortable with. SSG Scarborough from Ft Hood stated he liked the simplicity of how Glocks operate overall.SW_MP9_10

Once again, my stance on the topic has always leaned towards it’s a personal preference. With the advancement of technology, the major gun manufacturers are all running neck and neck with features. Is it fair to take the challenge out off the product and more on the operator? This should be an interesting topic among your friends. For all my followers, be safe and keep training moving forward.

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