Model 1894 Repeating Rifle from Taylor’s & Company Launches at SHOT Show

Taylor’s & Company Announces New-Lever Action Rifle


More than 100 years ago, hunters and shooters united in their love of John Browning’s lever-action repeating rifle. Taylor’s & Company today is announcing the release, coinciding with this year’s SHOT Show, of its take on the classic yet powerful rifle that has stood the test of time, the Model 1894.

Boasting the power and practicality of its predecessor, the Model 1894 Lever-Action Repeating Rifle features a 20” barrel, checkered stock and forend, and 30WIN caliber. It’s as innovatively effective now as it was then, according to Taylor’s & Company CEO Tammy Loy.

“The Taylor’s take on this classic has the same ease of use, quick handling and effective follow-through as the original did,” Loy said. “Its classic design is a gift that keeps on giving. Sport shooters have a new must-get for their collection.”

Originally conceived as a rifle that could handle the at-the-time new high velocity, smokeless powder ammunition of the late-19th Century, something Loy said makes it a valuable entry in the Taylor’s & Company lineup.

“There’s a reason this why this model has continually won the favor of hunters and shooters for so many years,” she said. “It’s a powerful piece of equipment for people looking for a classic lever-action – and it helps that it looks great, too.” The Model 1894 is available for purchase through Taylor’s & Company dealers.


About Taylor’s & Company

Founded in 1988, Taylor’s & Company, headquartered in Winchester, Va., is an importer of firearms, including revolvers, rifles and shotguns. The company specializes in reproduction Civil War firearms through the end of the Old West era, hunting firearms and 1911 tactical pistols. It markets its products through dealers and distributors nationwide and assists consumers is obtaining a dealer for firearm transfers as needed. It seeks to serve all types of shooters from competitive shooters and outdoor enthusiasts to history buffs and collectors.

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